About us

The Department of Preclinical Sciences and Pathology (PREPAT) is one of four departments that make up NMBU Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The institutes collaborate on the education of veterinarians and veterinary nurses. Our work includes teaching, research and diagnostics.

Want to understand diseases
At PREPAT, we research the development of disease (pathogenesis) in domestic animals and fish and how the immune system responds.

An important research area is viral infections and salmon lice infection in salmonids. We look at sexual maturation and puberty in fish and investigate new protein sources in feed for farmed fish.

The geneticists at the department map which genes affect health, welfare and production in domestic animals and contribute to new knowledge about how these genes are regulated and expressed.

 We are also researching disease models in animals that are important for similar diseases in humans.

Large and efficient analyzing
Diagnostics is an important part of our work and takes place at several of the units at the department. Autopsy of animals and examination of tissue samples (biopsies) are performed at the Anatomy and Pathology Unit.

The Genetics Unit offers the Central Laboratory, at the Section for Clinical Pathology is a service and research laboratory, with a comprehensive analysis offer. Here, more than 200,000 analyzes of patient samples are performed each year. The samples come from both NMBU's clinics and veterinary practices across the country.

We contribute to the basic education of veterinarians and veterinary nurses and teach the subjects cell biology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, genetics, aquamedicine, pathology and clinical pathology.

The further education at PREPAT includes doctoral education within all PREPAT's subject areas and education of European specialists (diplomats) within the subject areas pathology and clinical pathology. We also have specialists who work, research and teach in these subject areas.

Published 26. January 2022 - 14:40 - Updated 26. January 2022 - 14:40