Ongoing reasearch projects 

  • PARA-BERRY: Påvisning og inaktivering av parasitter på bær: utvikling og implementering av verktøy for mattrygghet i industrien
  • BoviPar: Sustainable management of pasture parasites in Norwegian beef and dairy cattle
  • ARTIST: Anthelminthic ResisTance In Sheep helminThs
  • COST Action EURO-FBP (FA1408): A European Network for Foodborne Parasites
  • MEZCRYPT: Molecular epidemiology of zoonotic cryptosporidiosis in dairy calves, lambs and kids and humans (children and immunocompromised) in rural communities of arid highlands and Tekezi and Raya valley of Tigray
  • IMPACT: Standardising molecular detection methods to Improve risk assessment capacity for foodborne protozoan Parasites, using Cryptosporidium in ready-to-eat salad as a model

Diagnostic services

We analyze samples for the detection of both endo- and ectoparasites. Our standard package for endoparasites includes McMaster flotation tests for the detection of helminths and protozoa, and immunofluorescence tests for the detection of Giardia and Cryptosporidium. If desired, we can also perform other tests, including Baermans test for the detection of lungworms, sedimentation for the detection of liverworts eggs and various PCR methods for the detection and / or typing of various parasites.

Se furgher informasjon about analysees, prices, information on submission of samples and requisition forms.


Professor Lucy Robertson and Postdoctoral Fellow Alejandro Jimènez Melèndez har undervisningsansvar for undervisning i parasittologi i kurset  infeksjonslære (VET307) ved Veterinærhøgskolen.

Lucy Robertson is responsible for a writing course for PHD candidates (VET403).

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