Nutrition And Health

The Nutrition and Health Unit is responsible for teaching, research, research guidance, information and dissemination within the subject area animal nutrition, including clinical nutrition. The group has a significant research activity where the main focus is currently on health consequences, with a special focus on intestinal health, of alternative feed raw materials and ingredients in feed for salmon and other fish species in farming.

The research unit also has research on land animals such as poultry, fur animals and family animals. The research is mainly funded by project funds from the Research Council of Norway and the EU, but the group is also involved in several projects led by commercial partners from the feed and aquaculture industry. The group has a significant collaboration with research institutions in other countries and thereby exchanges fellows and researchers. 

The teaching for veterinary nursing students and for veterinary students includes both basic and clinical nutrition as well as continuing education. In addition, the group currently teaches master's and PhD students from other faculties at NMBU and other universities and colleges nationally and internationally. Advising authorities, industry actors and society in general is also an area of ​​responsibility. 

The research unit is led by Associate Professor Trond Kortner.

Published 28. January 2022 - 14:55 - Updated 13. May 2022 - 9:45