Conference IWRDC 2014

IWRDC seminar 2014

IWRDC seminar 2014

Design: Universidad El Bosque, Bogotá, Colombia

Presentations from IWRDC conference 2014


Water is fundamental for life and health of people worldwide. But water is also associated with important global health problems. Water-related diseases are major threats to public health, particularly in children. These diseases can be categorized into water-borne (e.g. diarrheas), water-washed (e.g. trachoma), water-based (e.g. schistosomiasis), and water-related vector borne (e.g. dengue). Some of these may be causally interlinked. For example, diarrheal diseases and dengue are both associated with household water storage, which would then be a common denominator for both diseases.

By addressing such common denominators through integrated control strategies, it may be possible to control multiple diseases more effectively and cost-efficiently. However, knowledge and experience of integrated control strategies are limited. Schools play an important role in disseminating knowledge about links between water, health and good household practices. Such practices are promoted by international organizations and national programs. Schools and other public arenas may act as foundations for integrated water-related disease control activities.

Objectives of seminar

The objective of this seminar is to evaluate options and potential for integrated control of water-related diseases. The seminar will bring together and appraise current international knowledge, experience, and expertise in integration of water-related disease control. Results from a cluster randomized controlled trial, the 'Healthy Schools’ project', in Colombia will be presented and discussed as a case study for integrated water-related disease control. The seminar aims to consolidate current knowledge, identify specific topics of importance for further research, and develop a research agenda.

The seminar will be held at Norwegian University of Life Sciences and will bring together consortium members of the 'Healthy Schools' project. International key note speakers will be invited familiar with water-related diseases in the Latin American context. The meeting will be announced widely nationally to attract interest of Norwegian research groups and civil society. Results from the meeting will be published as meeting proceedings and a policy brief and disseminated through Norwegian and international channels.


The seminar is organized by Dr. Hans J. Overgaard, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). He is the PI of the Healthy Schools project and also leads other projects on dengue, diarrheal disease, and malaria.

For further information, please contact:

Hans Overgaard, PhD, Research scientist/Project leader, Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, P.O. Box 5003, 1432 Ås, Norway.

Visiting address: Drøbakveien 31 (room 321), Tel. office: +47 6496 5442, Mobile: +47 9164 0252, Fax: +47 6496 5401,

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