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  • Thorvald II robot
    Lars Grimstad

The robotics and control group at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences conducts research in several areas of robotics and control. The main research areas are related to mobile robots, such as agricultural, underwater, and offshore robots. We also have several research projects in theoretical and industrial robotics.

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One of the main research activities is in the area of agricultural robotics. We develop robotic solutions for efficient and sustainable operation of agricultural activities and precision farming. Climate changes will not only give global warming, but also more intesive rainfall. This is a huge challenge for conventional agricultural machines. Large and heavy machinery will damage wet soil and will also get stuck in muddy fields. We thus propose to use smaller autonomous machines.

3D model of the Thorvald platform
Lars Grimstad

We are developing our own mobile agricultural robot. We are also developing solutions for active interaction with the soils and plants. The robot will operate autonomously in the field and perform all the necessary task from planting to harvesting. Research topics include mechanical design, intelligent tool control, image processing, trajectory planning, and autonomous operation. More information here.

Other research projects include modeling and control of mobile robots with and without robotic arms, and haptic teleoperation of these; surgical robotics; offshore robots; subsea robots for environmental monitoring; robust modeling for simulation and control; geometric methods and representation theory.

A mobile robot with a manipulator arm from Adept Mobilerobots.
A mobile robot with a manipulator arm from Adept Mobilerobots. Photo: Pål Johan From
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