Graduated PhD students

  • PhD Andreas Flø
    Hyperspectral Imaging as a Tool for Characterization of Multicrystalline Silicon Wafers. Thesis 2014:21.
    Supervisors: Knut Kvaal, Espen Olsen, Ingunn Burud.
  • PhD Stein Ivar Øvergaard
    Prediction of spring wheat yield and grain quality with remote VIS-NIR spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis. PhD thesis 2012:26.
    Supervisors: Knut Kvaal, Tomas Isaksson, Audun Korsæth.
  • PhD Ane Victoria Vollsnes
    Biophysical aspects of root growth dynamics and leaf responses to environmental stimuli: spectra, temporal and spatial investigations. PhD thesis 2008:64.
    Supervisor: C Futsaether, co-supervisor U. Oxaal.
  • Dr.philos Jørgen Kongsro
    Reliable prediction and determination of Norwegian lamb carcass composition and value. PhD Thesis 2008:1.
    Supervisors: Bjørg Egelandsdal, Are Aastveit, co-supervisor Knut Kvaal.
  • PhD Siv Fagertun Remberg
    Studies of antioxidant activity in fruit and berries: effects of cultivars and postharvest conditions. PhD thesis 2006:11.
    Supervisors: Karin Haffner, co-supervisor Knut Kvaal
  • PhD Fadi Ramadan Daoud Suliman
    Influence of Hydraulic Conditions on Purification Processes in Horizontal Subsurface-flow Constructed Wetlands, PhD Thesis 2006:7.
    Supervisor Professor Petter Jensen, co-supervisors U Oxaal and C Futsaether
  • Dr.scient. Oliver Tomic
    Computational methods for improved applicability of gas-sensor array technology. Doctor Scientiarum Thesis 2004:5.
    Supervisors: Knut Kvaal and John-Erik Haugen.
  • Dr.scient. Vegard Segtnan
    Analysis of water and aqueous food systems using near infrared spectroscopy and multivariate statistical techniques. Doctor Scientiarum Thesis 2002:22.
    Supervisors: Tomas Isaksson , co-supervisor Knut Kvaal.
  • Dr.scient. Jens-Petter Wold
    Rapid quality assessment of meat and fish by using near-infrared spectroscopy autofluorescence spectroscopy and image analysi. Doctor Scientiarum Thesis 2000:3.
    Supervisors: Knut Kvaal and Gaute Einevoll

Graduated Master Degree students

  • MSc. Turid Katrine Gjerstad Torheim
    Multivariate analysis of DCE-MRI images of cancer turmours.
    Supervisors: C. Futsaether, 2011, Knut Kvaal.
  • MSc. Tech. Stig Conradi Rønningen
    Design, Creation and Evaluation of a System for Measuring the Short Term Effects of Ozone Exposure on Leaf Transpiration.
    Supervisor: C. Futsaether, 2010.
  • MSc. Tech. Hilde Landrø
    Imaging and analysis of plant leaf injuries caused by ozone air pollution and different light conditions.
    Supervisor C. Futsaether, 2009.
  • MSc. Tech. Haakon Øverbye.
    Flow towards a sink visualised in a porous filter.
    Supervisor s P. Tyvand and C. Futsaether, 2008.
  • MSc. Anne Tårand Aasen.
    Packing of filter material in a model of a constructed wetland.
    Supervisor C. Futsaether, 2008.
  • MSc. Tech. Kathrine Næs.
    Geothermal convection systems as renewable energy.
    Supervisor C. Futsaether, 2008.
  • MSc. Tech. Jari Nystedt.
    A study of video codecs.
    Supervisor Knut Kvaal, 2006.
  • MSc. Tech. Lene Fundingrud.
    A study of color science. Multivariate color measurement.
    Supervisor Knut Kvaal, 2006.MSc.
  • Tech. Alexsander Lyngtveit.
    A practical implementation of slaughter web to verify meat classification.
    Supervisor Knut Kvaal, 2006.
  • MSc. Tech. Kjell Allen Lambrigsen.
    A practical implementation of slaugher web.
    Supervisor Knut Kvaal, 2006.
  • MSc. Tech. Therese Svarte.
    Natural gas as a source of energy in greenhouses?
    Supervisors: Unni Oxaal and Petter H. Heyerdahl, 2005.
  • Cand.scient. Ane Jerstad.
    Effect of ozone on the root growth of plants.
    Supervisors U. Oxaal and C.Futsaether, 2005.
  • MSc. Tech. Kristin Leohnardsen.
    Development of a system for automatic microscopy studies of plant roots.
    Supervisors U. Oxaal and C.Futsaether, 2004.
  • Cand.scient. Alise Johanne Larsen.
    The effect of mechanical obstructions on root development.
    Supervisors C. Futsaether and U. Oxaal, 2003.
  • Cand.scient. Ole Mathis Opstad Kruse.
    Development of a system for plant root studies.
    Supervisor C. Futsaether, 2002.
  • MSc. Tech. Silje Stakland.
    Effects of photodynamics therapy (PDT) using 5-aminolevulinic acid methyl ester on pigmented melanoma in mice. Supervisor Professor Johan Moan, Norwegian Radium Hospital and C. Futsaether, 2002.
  • Cand.scient. Heidi Lorentzen.
    Effect of the protein synthesis inhibitor P-1013 on repair after x-irradiation of human cells in culture.
    Supervisors Professor Erik Pettersen, University of Oslo and C. Futsaether, 2001.
  • Cand.scient. Alf Sebastian Lackner.
    Image processing and morphological analyses of lentil roots.
    Supervisors C. Futsaether and U. Oxaal, 2000.
  • Cand Agric. Nils Håvard Marum.
    Measurement of rigor and colour in pre rigor filets from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), by image analysis.
    Supervisor Knut Kvaal, 2000.
  • MSc. Tech.  Hege Christin Aamodt.
    Development of roots in two-dimensional plant chambers – Effects of NaCl and optimisation of growth conditions.
    Supervisors C. Futsaether and U. Oxaal, 2000.
  • MSc. Tech. Marianne K. Steiro.
    Development of root structure of lentils (Lens culinaris) under influence of NaCl pollution.
    Supervisors C. Futsaether and U. Oxaal, 1999.
  • MSc.Tech. Live Eikenes.
    MRI and two-dimensional growth chambers used in studies of plant root systems.
    Supervisor C. Futsaether, 1999.
  • Cand.scient. Finn Løvholt
    Unsaturated gravity driven infiltration of water in a two-dimensional porous model.
    Supervisor: Unni Oxaal, 1997.
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