Group for Multivariate Data Analysis and Machine Learning

We have a background from established local scientific environments within data science, statistics and chemometrics, with important contributions in development and applications of multivariate analysis methods. Data analysis related to food products, breeding data, non-destructive rapid measurements, classification of microorganisms and medical diagnostics are among our applications. The data can be based on spectroscopy, genotyping, chromatography, rheology, 2D- and 3D images, lidar, etc. Our research focus is on development, efficiency and application of multivariate methods for prediction and analysis of data with many explanatory variables. The group has an expressed ambition of contributing to development of powerful analysis methods with applications in relevant research environment all over Campus Ås.

Ulf G. Indahl CristinResearchGateGoogle Scholar
Kristian H. Liland CristinResearchGateGoogle Scholar
Oliver Tomic CristinResearchGateGoogle Scholar
Published 24. March 2021 - 13:07 - Updated 24. March 2021 - 13:11