Synchrotron pollen

SOLEIL, French national synchrotron facility

Project number: 20120345
Period covered - start date: 01.07.2012
Period covered - end date: 31.12.2012
Project's coordinator: NMBU and SOLEIL

SOLEIL synchrotron, SMIS beamline
Date of experiments: 04.-09.12.2012.

FTIR microspectroscopy of samples, that are of the same order of size as the wavelength, such as microorganisms and cells, is impaired by strong scattering phenomena. The scattering effects have been considered as a major obstacle for the reliable interpretation and further use of the IR spectra in biological and biomedical science. We have recently started to develop a 3-dimensional scatter codes for estimating scatter contributions for the scattering at arbitrarily shaped cells and energy conversion materials. However, experimental measurement of scattering properties of cells and tissues is required to develop and validate these models. Due to their valuable properties (low water content and shapepersistent morphology) pollen grains are an ideal real-world biological model system for characterization of scattering phenomena. Therefore, high-quality FTIR spectra of pollen grains will provide important experimental data for modelling of strongly scattering biological samples.


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