Industrial Biotechnology

Norwegian Research Council - SFI Grant

Project number: 309558
Period covered - start date: 2020
Period covered - end date: 2028
Project's coordinator: Håvard Sletta, SINTEF

Industrial biotechnology entails the industrial application of modern biotechnological methods, enzymes and microorganisms for the production of a diverse range of commodities, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and feed ingredients, detergents, textiles, energy and materials. industrial biotechnology is globally anticipated to become a major driver for establishing a sorely needed sustainable bioeconomy.

SFI Industrial Biotechnology will develop new knowledge, technology and innovations that will contribute to build-up of national competence of substantial long-term value for the Norwegian biotech industry, transfer of marked value adding capacity to a diverse range of companies, and the establishment of highly improved nationally concerted researcher training and educational programmes in industrial biotechnology.

Within SFI Industrial Biotechnology, BioSpec group will contribute to the developing microbial and/or enzymatic conversion of feathers and other keratin-rich recalcitrant materials. BioSpec will focus on resolving the following questions: (1) Which filamentous fungi and bacteria are able to degrade keratinous biomass (2) What are the optimal process parameters for microbial and enzymatic conversion of feathers? (3) What are the key enzymes and can they be developed as industrial biocatalysts? (4) Can we monitor and optimize fermentation/digestion processes by online monitoring using vibrational spectroscopy?

BioSpec will work closely with Norilia AS, a subsidiary of Nortura SA.

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Gaykawad S.S., Ramanand S.S., Blomqvist J., Zimmermann B., Shapaval V., Kohler A., Oostindjer M., Boccadoro C.
Submerged Fermentation of Animal Fat By-Products by Oleaginous Filamentous Fungi for the Production of Unsaturated Single Cell Oil
Fermentation 7 (2021) 300

Published 3. December 2021 - 14:48 - Updated 16. December 2021 - 11:15