Infrared spectroscopy (IR) of intact microbial cells provides highly specific fingerprint-like signatures, which reveals the total biochemical composition of the cell.

FTIR spectrum of Mucor circinelloides

FTIR spectrum of Mucor circinelloides

Kristin Forfang

These fingerprints are used to characterize, differentiate, classify and identify different microbial species and strains. Microbial IR spectra can be used to detect intracellular compounds or structures such as inclusion bodies, storage materials and endospores. Infrared spectroscopy serves as an identification tool when the recorded spectrum is compared to reference spectral libraries and can also be applied in monitoring different microbial processes, such as fermentation. 



Bio4Fuels - Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research
Norwegian Research Counsil (FMETEKN, project Nº. 257622)

Belanoda - Multidisciplinary graduate and post-graduate education in big data analysis for life sciences
Senter for internasjonalisering av utdanning (SiU-CPEA-LT-2016/10126) 

LipoFungi - Bioconversion of low-cost fat materials into high-value PUFA-Carotenoid-rich biomass
Norwegian Research Counsil (BIONÆR, project Nº. 268305)

FunLip - Single cell lipidomics of oleaginous microorganisms by modern vibrational spectroscopy
Norwegian Research Counsil IS-AUR, project Nº. 281357)

Single Cell Oil - Single cell oil PUFA production by food rest materials
Norwegian Research Counsil (BIONÆR, project Nº. 234258)

FUST - Source tracking and monitoring of mould contamination in food production
European Commision (FP7-SME Nº. 315271)



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