Norwegian Research Counsil - IS-AUR

Project number: 281263
Period covered - start date: 2017
Period covered - end date: 2018
Project's coordinator: Achim Kohler   Collaboration
Synchrotron SOLEIL


Vibrational spectroscopy and imaging are applied in live sciences and biomedical sciences for the investigation of biological samples in their native form. The techniques are used for cancer diagnosis, microbial identification and in general for characterization of biological samples. The field is evolving quickly and the scientific community of biomedical vibrational spectroscopy is big. It is for example expected that within short time histopathological analysis for cancer diagnosis will be computer-assisted or replaced by vibrational spectroscopic imaging combined with big data analysis. Huge databases of spectroscopic imaging data are currently collected at different centres. 

The data analytical challenges are the scatter correction of the data and the establishing of powerful classifiers. The BioSpec group at NMBU is renowned for being at the forefront of data analysis of biomedical vibrational spectroscopic data. The Synchrotron SOLEIL group (represented by Ferenc Borondics and Christophe Sandt) is at the forefront of ground-breaking new instrumental settings for vibrational spectroscopic imaging of biological systems and represents one of the main platforms for vibrational spectroscopic imaging in Europe. The BigSpecData project aims at establishing a long-term collaboration between the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the SMIS Infrared Spectromicroscopy Beamline at Soleil on Big Data obtained in vibrational spectroscopic Imaging. 



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