Biospectroscopy Laboratory

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The Biospectroscopy Laboratory contains advanced vibrational spectroscopy instrumentation 


The vibrational spectroscopy instrumentation consists of six principal units:


Bruker VERTEX 70 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer, with room temperature DLaTGS detector and liquid nitrogen cooled MCT detector

Bruker HYPERION 3000 Infrared Microscope, with 36x and 15x transmission/reflection objectives and 20x Ge-ATR objective, liquid nitrogen cooled MCT and FPA detectors, and computer-controlled x-y stage

Bruker HTS-XT microplate accessory for high-throughput screening FTIR, with detector for transmission measurements of 96 and 384 wellplates

Specac Golden Gate Mk II ATR accessory for temperature-dependent FTIR, with heated diamond top-plate, ZnSe lenses, and temperature controller

Bruker MATRIX-MF Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer, with liquid nitrogen cooled MCT detector and two diamond ATR fiber optic probe

Bruker MultiRAM Fourier Transform Raman Spectrometer, with Nd:YAG excitation laser (1 W, 1064 nm), high-throughput screening mapping stage for measurements of 96 wellplates, and Raman fiber optic probe 




The lab also contains one gas chromatograph:

Agilent 7820A GC system, with FID detector

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