The instrumentation consists of the following units:

Leica DM6 B microscope
SPECTROstar Nano UV/visible microplate spectrophotometer
Two Infors HT Minifors 2 bioreactors
Kuhner Shaker X Climo-Shaker ISF1-X shaking incubator
Three Thermo Scientific MAXQ 4000 shaking incubators
Three VWR INCU-line 68R incubators
Brunswick Innova 42R shaking incubator with photosynthetic light bank
Duetz-MTPS 24, 96 square polypropylene deep well plates
HERMLE Z326K centrifuge
HERMLE Z32HK centrifuge
Metler Toledo Education Line EL20 pH meter
Bertin Technologies Percellys Evolution tissue homogenizer
LABCONCO FREEZONE 2,5 freeze-dryer
ThermoScientific Speedvac SPD121P-230 vacuum concentrator with Savant RVT100 refrigerated vapor trap and Edwards RV5 vacuum pump
Two Labofort KNF N86 vacuum pumps
NUAIRE NU-477-600E laminar box
Countess 3 automated cell counter
Certoclav Labor CV-EL 12ii18L autoclave
Two Tuttnauer 3870 ELV autoclave
Grant TC120 water bath
Grant SUB14 water bath
VWR USC300T ultrasonic bath
Sonics Vibra cell sonicator
Two VWR 444-1372 test tube shakers
Termaks TS 8056 drying oven
Stuart SBH130D/3 block heater
Santorius Practum 224-1S analytical balance
AEADAM PGW253i analytical balance
PRECISION SE1202 balance
LLG uniSTIRRER 3 agitator
Benchmark H3760-HSE hotplate stirrer
PORKKA KF85 ice maker
Miele Professional G7883 laboratory glassware washer

Published 20. August 2018 - 16:15 - Updated 10. October 2022 - 10:09