The instrumentation consists of the following units:

Leica DM6 B microscope
Two Infor HT Minifors 2 bioreactors
Kuhner Shaker X Climo-Shaker ISF1-X shaking incubator
Two Thermo Scientific MAXQ 4000 shaking incubator
Two VWR INCU-line 68R incubators
HERMLE Z326K centrifuge
NVAIRE NU-477-600E laminar box
LABCONCO FREEZONE 2,5 freeze-dryer
Bertin Technologies Percellys Evolution tissue homogenizer
Sonics Vibra cell sonicator
Termaks TS 8056 drying oven
Certoclav Labor CV-EL 12ii18L autoclave
Two Tuttnauer 3870 ELV autoclave
Grant TC120 water bath
Metler Toledo Education Line EL20 pH meter
Santorius Practum 224-1S analytical balance
AEADAM PGW253i analytical balance
LLG uniSTIRRER 3 agitator
Duetz-MTPS 24, 96 square polypropylene deep well plates

Published 20. August 2018 - 16:15 - Updated 25. February 2021 - 13:46