Data management

Storage of data for ongoing projects

  • We store all our data daily on NMBU’s Largefile server W:, according to NMBUs and national guide lines
  • Separate folders for each project
  • Access to the data is restricted to selected project participants
  • We have routines in place for master students and guests

 Archiving of research data

  • We archive our data at the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD), as suggested by NMBUs guidelines
  • This is done when a paper is published
    • It is the task of the first author in the BioSpec group
    • We archive the data relevant for the paper
  • Before we archive, we check if the data is ready
    • This is done with the project manager and person generating the data
    • We check to make sure we use correct names, that the data is structured properly, etc.
  • At NSD, we connect data to our NRC/EU-projects
    • The project manager must make an NSD-project plan and a data management plan
  • After the end of the project period, the project manager has to make sure all relevant data are archived
  • We follow the FAIR principles

 Database for all data

A spectral database called BIOSDATA is under development.

Published 27. July 2020 - 15:59 - Updated 27. July 2020 - 16:01