The group has been at the forefront of the national and international research in the field for several years. The group has a broad portfolio of projects within the field and a strong national and international network. The research in our group focuses on the following areas:

  • advanced vibrational spectroscopy of different biosystems - cells, tissues, and bioliquids
  • developing and optimizing microbial bioprocesses for the production of a wide range of bioproducts
  • understanding and modelling of scattering phenomena of systems in environmental sciences
  • data modelling of spectroscopic data


Our research group is a multi-disciplinary group with biologists, chemists, mathematicians and physicists. The group currently consists of:

  • Achim Kohler (PhD, group leader and professor in physics)
  • Volha Akulava (PhD student, microbiology and biotechnology)
  • Miriam Aledda (PhD student, analytical chemistry, spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis)
  • Eirik Almklov Magnussen (PhD student, deep learning in hyperspectral image analysis)
  • Mehdi Andresen Belhaj (MSc, environmental physics and quantum information theory)
  • Uladzislau Blazhko (PhD student, computer science and biospectroscopy)
  • Cristian Bolaño Losada (PhD student, microbiology fermentation and biospectroscopy)
  • Maren Anna Brandsrud (PhD, researcher in physics and data analysis)
  • Even Bull Holmen (MSc, chief engineer, process technology, machinery and product development)
  • Dana Byrtusová (PhD, Post-doctoral fellow in microbiology and biotechnology)
  • Benjamin Xavier Dupuy-Galet (PhD student, biotechnology)
  • Simona Dzurendová (PhD, researcher in biospectroscopy and biotechnology)
  • Johanne Heitmann Solheim (PhD student, scattering in IR spectroscopy)
  • Beibei Kong (PhD, Post-doctoral fellow in computational electromagnetics)
  • Nageshvar Patel (PhD, researcher in food technology, biospectroscopy and chemometrics) 
  • Volha Shapaval (PhD, associate professor in process technology)
  • Ondrej Slaný (PhD, Post-doctoral fellow in biotechnology)
  • Margarita Smirnova (PhD student, microbiology and biotechnology)
  • Valeria Tafintseva (PhD, researcher in multivariate data analysis)
  • Dominic James Thomas (PhD student, biotechnology)
  • Stanislau Trukhan (PhD student, computer science and biospectroscopy)
  • Kristin Tøndel (PhD, professor in data sciences)
  • Boris Zimmermann (PhD, researcher in physical chemistry, biospectroscopy and biotechnology)

 Associated members:

  • Kristian Hovde Liland (PhD, professor in data sciences)

Former group members:

  • Murat Bağcıoğlu (PhD, biospectroscopy)
  • Stine Brekke Vennemo (MSc, administrator)
  • Claudia Colabella (PhD, microbiology)
  • Darya Dubava (PhD student, biospectroscopy and biophysics)
  • Kai Fjær (MSc, researcher in biochemistry and microbiology)
  • Kristin Forfang (PhD student, biospectroscopy, microbiology and biorefinery processes)
  • Evgeniy Gunko (PhD student, computer science and biospectroscopy)
  • Johanna Karin Hillevi Blomqvist (PhD, researcher in microbiology and biotechnology)
  • Tatiana Konevskikh (PhD, scattering in vibrational spectroscopy)
  • Gergely Kosa (PhD, biospectroscopy, microbiology and biotechnology)
  • Anne Marie Langseter (PhD, researcher in organic synthesis and analysis)
  • Tiril Aurora Lintvedt (MSc, scattering in IR spectroscopy)
  • Rozalia Lukacs (PhD, researcher in scattering physics, non-crsytalline solids and IR spectroscopy)
  • Daria Markina (PhD, researcher in microbiology)
  • Ellen Opsahl Mæhle (MA, project manager)
  • Amira Rachah (PhD, researcher in multivariate data analysis)
  • Simen Rønnekleiv Eriksen (MSc, scattering in IR spectroscopy)
  • Eivind Seim (PhD, scattering in energy physics)
  • Andreas Ulrich Nicolas Persch (PhD student, physics, biospectroscopy and data analysis)
  • Hafeez Ur Rehman (PhD, researcher in spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis)


Visiting researchers and scholars:

You can find seminars from our visiting researchers and scholars HERE.


The BioSpec Norway Group at the Holmenkollstafetten 2018 relay race

The BioSpec Norway Group at the Holmenkollstafetten 2018 relay race


The BioSpec Norway Group in 2016

The BioSpec Norway Group in 2016


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