FuncFinse is a four-year project on primary producers and their effect on the tundra. In this project researcher Johan Asplund and his colleagues will examine how traits of vascular plants, lichens and bryophytes impact on species-driven ecosystem processes such as decomposition and food-webs and thus carbon and nutrient fluxes.

"We are specifically interested in how functional traits, at the community level, of vascular plants, lichens and bryophytes respond in similar matters to climate," Asplund says.
"We also aim to test whether relative importance of within and across species trait variation are consistent across vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens. We intend to investigate whether community level traits of all these groups of primary producers affect community assembly, food-web structure and traits of associated invertebrates."

Published 3. November 2016 - 23:07 - Updated 26. September 2019 - 12:38