To some extent our students have different academic background when starting. We hope that this can contribute to a varied and stimulating study environment. 

The Master's program in Ecology offers a large number of optional courses, which means that each of you will tailor your individual study plan in close collaboration with your study advisor. In this way we can offer a flexible study program tailored to your preferences and at the same time ensure that the plan meets the requirements of our Master's degree.

Please take a moment to look at the program content.

Welcome and study start!

Your first academic day will be Monday the 15th of August when the compulsory course ECOL302 - Ecological Research starts. The first seminar (welcome seminar) will be held at 9:15 - 12:00 in the roomS124, Sørhellinga. The teacher is Louise Chavarie. At the first seminar, the philosophy, framework and procedures for the course will be outlined, and expectations will be presented. You should also be prepared for a brief presentation of yourself and your research interests. At the end of the seminar, a light lunch will be served.

At the second day (August 16th), you will be going to Finse Research Station for 4 days to collect data to analyze for the research presentation at the ecological research symposium at the end of the course. You find the program for the field trip here.

NB! You must read the program carefully as there is, among other things, a packing list for the field trip.

Attendance at all seminars and field work is mandatory. If for some reason you can not attend a seminar, you must inform Louise Chavarie in advance by sending an email to louise.chavarie@nmbu.no, and explain why you can not attend. This also applies to the first seminar on August 15th. Without notice, we expect you to relinquish your place in the study program.


Student adviser Espen Arestøl (MINA)

Student adviser Espen Arestøl (MINA)

Håkon Sparre
If you have any questions related to the onset of your studies you can contact our student advisor Espen Arestøl on e-mail: studieveileder-mina@nmbu.no.

Alternatively, you can contact the reception at the faculty on telephone: 67 23 18 00. They will be able to connect you to the appropriate person at our faculty. 

With this we welcome you to two memorable years at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences! We guarantee you two years of academic challenges as well as ample opportunities for social activities.


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