Environmental Sciences

The PhD program in Environmental Sciences has four study specializations: 
- Geology
- Soil (biogeochemistry and plant nutrition)
- Limnology and hydrology
- Environmental Chemistry  

What forms need to be delivered when? 
Here you can download a "timeline" for the forms you need to deliver as a PhD student at MINA. Descriptions in detail follow below. 

Application for admission:
The application for admission to PhD studies form 1.1.1 must be completed in collaboration with your main supervisor. The admission form and requested attachments must be sent to Mirian Wangen no later than 2 months after start-up, and minimum 10 days before a scheduled meeting in the PhD Programme Committee (PR) (information will be sent prior the meetings).  This committee does a scientific evaluation and approves admission. 

Admission requirements:
- reference is made to the NMBU’s Regulations and Guidelines
Regarding the attachments to the admission form, see form 1.1.1, page 2.

The principal supervisors for PhD candidates are appointed from among the faculty’s permanent academic staff (professors, associate professors and researchers). Staff in adjunct professor/adjunct associate professor positions may serve as principal supervisors provided that a permanent academic staff member is a co-supervisor. Other researchers having relevant specialized competence can be appointed as co-supervisors, including from other institutions, both national and international.

The faculty (PR committee) evaluates the resumes (CV) of potential external supervisors before the supervisor group is appointed.

Details about funding shall be clearly described in the application for admission.

Project description:
Project description (1-3 pages) must follow the application for admission. 

Contract for completion of the doctoral degree:
Contract form 1.1.2. to be delivered to Mirian Wangen preferably as soon as possible and not later than 6 months from starting the PhD work.

Education plan:
The start-up seminar to be accomplished before developing an education plan (see below). This is the first of three compulsory PhD seminars (more info please see PhD education at NMBU). PhD seminars to be announced at MINA’s intranet pages, please contact/inform Mirian Wangen.

Education plan Form 1.1.3 to be delivered to Mirian Wangen no later than 6 months after start-up,  10 days before a scheduled meeting in the PhD Programme Committee (information will be sent prior the meetings). 

The form contains a progress plan and an education plan. The education plan must contain courses (30-60 ECTS) at master or PhD level, including a course (min. 5 ECTS) in research ethics and philosophy of science, f.ex. PHI401 or BIO340.

If it is difficult to find courses, you might consider a special syllabus.

(Once you are approved as a PhD student and we have registered you in the FS system, you will get access to StudWeb where you can register for courses.) 

Mid-term evaluation (after maximum two year's work):

Progress report:
Progress report to be delivered yearly, normally beginning of January.

Completion of the PhD program / defence: contact Mirian Wangen whom will help with the practicals related to the defence.

More about the PhD education:

The synopsis
Writing resources on how to write this can be found here. 

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