Ecology and Management of Natural Resources

The PhD program in Ecology and Natural Resource Management has five study specializations: 
- Renewable Energy
- Basic and Applied Ecology
- Forest Sciences
- Nature-based tourism
- Wood technology 

What forms need to be delivered when? 
Here you can download a "timeline" for the forms you need to deliver as a PhD student at MINA. Descriptions in detail follow below. 

Application for admission 
The application for admission to INA's PhD studies form 1.1.1 must be completed in collaboration with your main supervisor. The forms must be sent to Kari Thue no later than 2 months after starting, and minimum 10 days before a scheduled meeting in the research committee (check the departmental calendar). The research committee does a scientific evaluation and approves admission. 

Admission requirements:
- average grade of C or better in the Bachelor's degree
- B or better at courses included in the Master's degree
- B or better in the Master's thesis
Regarding the attachments to the admission form, see form 1.1.1, page 2.

The main rule is that...
a. The main supervisor is a permanent employee at NMBU and has MINA as working place
b. The supervisor group consists of the main supervisor and 1-2 co-supervisors
c. The department evaluates the resumes of potential external supervisors before the supervisor group is appointed

Details about funding shall be clearly described in the application for admission, this includes funding for

Project despcription
A project despcription (1-3 pages) must follow the application for admisssion. 

The contract for completion of the doctoral degree, form 1.1.2. must be delivered with form 1.1.1.

The startup seminar must be held before developing an education plan (see below). This is the first of three PhD seminars. PhD seminars are held every other Wednesday, contact Ole Wiggo Røstad for booking a time. Minimum one supervisor must be present. Main supervisor suggests opponent for the PhD seminar.

Education plan
Form 1.1.3 must be delivered within 6 months after beginning to Kari Thue, no later than 2 months after starting, and minimum 10 days before a scheduled meeting in INA's research committee (check the departmental calendar).

The form contains a progress plan and an education plan. The education plan must contain courses (30-60 ECTS), at master or PhD level, including a course (min. 5 ECTS) in research ethics and philosophy of science, f.ex. PHI401 or BIO340.

In addition: 
a. All courses must be graded B or better (for courses evaluated by A-F)
b. Minimum 5 ECTS in statistics or other quantitative analysis at minimum master level. May be excempted after a written statement from main supervisor. 
c. Minimum 10 ECTS within candidate's core research area, at PhD level. 

If it is difficult to find courses, you might consider a special syllabus.
(Once you are admitted as a PhD student, you wil get access to StudWeb where you can register for courses.) 

Mid-term evaluation (after maximum two year's work):
This is arranged in combination with the second of three seminars (see above). 

Progress report
Must be delivered yearly, within January 15.

Completion of the PhD program and costs: contact Ole Wiggo RøstadGrethe Delbeck will help with the practicals related to the defense (booking of rooms, letter to the commitee, etc).

More about the PhD education:

The synopsis
Writing resources on how to write this can be found here. 

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