Thesis deadlines


March 1st: Deadline for delivering the notification of master's thesis topic and supervisor. The following form must be completed.

This is a message to the faculty about the supervisor and the preliminary title of the master's thesis. Even if you have a supervisor at another faculty, you must send information about the supervisor and topic to the MINA faculty.

The messages are registered at the faculty, but there is not further follow-up.


May 15th: Deadline for delivering the contract to the faculty. The following form must be completed.

Approved contracts are returned with a signature from the Dean of Education.


Registration 60 ECTS master´s thesis
September 15th: Registration deadline for the master's thesis on StudWeb. The faculty checks that you have a valid contract before you are registered for exam.

Thesis code for master's students with a supervisor from MINA: 

April 15th: Deadline for delivering an application for extended submission. Only illness, incidents beyond the student's and supervisor's control, or other compelling reasons provide grounds for postponement. Approved applications are returned with a signature from the Dean of Education.

- Application for extended submission deadline

May 15th: Deadline for submission of thesis.

You can find detailed information on how to submit your thesis here.

The thesis must be defended and graded within 6 weeks after submission.

What happens if you do not deliver the thesis?
From NMBU's regulations, chapter 44 (§44-7): "A degree thesis that has not been submitted by the deadline cannot be submitted later in a revised or supplemented form. In such cases, the student may forfeit the right to study, cf. Section 17-6 (3). If the student is readmitted to NMBU at a later date, he/she must write a new thesis on a new topic".

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