Deadlines related to the master's thesis

It is important to start working on finding a thesis well before the registration deadline in March the first year. The earlier you start working, the greater the likelihood that you will find a topic you are comfortable with - and enjoy!

Thesis deadlines

March 1st: Notification form for choice of thesis submitted to the leader of the curriculum committee (SU-leader), The forms are answered as received.

- Notification of choice of thesis

May 15th: Deadline for delivering the contract to the SU-leader, Approved contracts are returned with the signature of the SU-leader.

- Contract between student and supervisor

Special Syllabus
February 1st: For students with a special curriculum (defined in the contract), Norwegian and English title and defined curriculum submitted to SU-leader, Approved syllabuses are returned with the signature of the SU-leader.

- Agreement on special syllabus

February 1st: deadline for registering for the thesis in StudentWeb. 
The same deadline applies for the registration for the examination in special curriculum. 

Thesis codes for master's students with a supervisor from MINA: 

April 15th: Deadline for delivering an application for extended submission deadline to the SU-leader, Approved applications are returned with a signature from the SU-leader.
- Application for extended submission deadline

May 15th: Deadline for submission of thesis .

You can find detailed information on how to submit your thesis here.


The thesis must be defended and graded within 6 weeks after submission.

What happens if I do not deliver the thesis?
From NMBU's regulations, chapter 46 (Supplementary provisions to Chapter 46): "If the degree thesis is not submitted by the expiration of the deadline, it is not permissible to submit the thesis again in a revised or supplemented form. In such cases, the student loses his/her admission to the programme of study. If the student chooses to apply for new admission, a completely new thesis must be written."

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