Deadlines related to the master's thesis

It is important to start working on finding a thesis well before the registration deadline in March the first year. The earlier you start working, the greater the likelihood that you will find a topic you are comfortable with - and enjoy!

Thesis deadlines

March 1st: Notification form for choice of thesis submitted to the library at Sørhellinga.
- Notification of choice of thesis

May 15th: Deadline for delivering the contract to Sørhellinga's library. You will be notified only if it needs to be revised to be approved.
- Contract between student and supervisor

Special Syllabus
February 1st: For students with a special curriculum (defined in the contract), Norwegian and English title and defined curriculum delivered to the library in Sørhellinga. You will be notified only if it needs to be revised to be approved.
- Agreement on special syllabus

February 1st: deadline for registering for the thesis in StudentWeb. 
The same deadline applies for the registration for the examination in special curriculum. 

Thesis codes for master's students with a supervisor from MINA: 

April 15th: Deadline for delivering an application for extended submission deadline to the library at Sørhellinga.
- Application for extended submission deadline

Title registration in studentweb
You'll find a recipe for registering the title of your thesis in studentweb here

Brage is NMBU's open digital archive. The thesis must be uploaded here before delivering it at SiT. 
- Link to Brage

May 15th: Deadline for submission of thesis to the Student Information Centre.
Registration form for submission of thesis

- Sit usually has extended opening hours on the 15th of May (09-16)
- Minimum 2 copies
- All copies must be stamped at SiT
- Deliver them to the faculty (in Sørhellinga Library)
- Remember to bring the receipt from Brage

The thesis must be defended and graded within 6 weeks after submission.

What happens if I do not deliver the thesis?
From NMBU's regulations, chapter 46 (Supplementary provisions to Chapter 46): "If the degree thesis is not submitted by the expiration of the deadline, it is not permissible to submit the thesis again in a revised or supplemented form. In such cases, the student loses his/her admission to the programme of study. If the student chooses to apply for new admission, a completely new thesis must be written."

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