Field grant

1) Students should prepare an itemised budget (by June 1st the year of field work, or one month before travelling) outlining how the grant will be spent.

2) This budget should be examined and approved by the supervisor.

3) A copy of the approved budget should be delivered to Mette Solsvik.

4) On request, 50% of the grant can be paid out as an advance for travel/field expenses. In such cases the student’s bank account number should be provided.

5) Students should prepare an itemised travel account on their return. Deadline: 1 month after return date.

6) All expenses must be documented with the original receipt or plane ticket stub.

7) The supervisor should certify the travel account before it is delivered to Mette Solsvik for payment of the balance.

Published 9. December 2016 - 22:44 - Updated 19. November 2020 - 10:52