Computer and reading rooms

Here you will find practical information about MINA's computer labs and study areas. In addition there are several computer labs and study rooms available to all students at NMBU in the Towerbuilding and Biotechnology Building.

Computer labs:
The computer labs in Jordfag and Sørhellinga are open to anyone outside of scheduled teaching activities. For printing and copying you will need your student card.

Study areas:
Jordfagbygningen: Permament desks for master's students in environmental science and natural resources.

Sørhellinga: Reading rooms on the ground and 1st floor.

The desks on the 1st floor are resered for MINA- and NORAGRIC-students (contact their study advisors for any questions). All other students are directed to the reading room next to the library on the ground floor.

Desks 1-120 and the corresponding lockers are managed by the Student Council. Schematic of study desks.

Distribution and management of this building's study desks are done by the faculty's Student Council. Send an e-mail to if you are a 2nd year student, and want a permanent desk and a locker to store your books/computer. 

Application periods: August 15 - September 15 and January 15 - February 15. Your study advisor will send you an application form via e-mail. Desks are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. You will receive an e-mail with a contract which must be signed and fastened to your desk within TWO WEEKS. If this is not done, you will automatically lose it. 

NB! To be assigned a desk, you must showcase your master's thesis contract with a main supervisor from MINA.

There are too few study rooms and desks in relation to the number of students at NMBU. Therefore, we want a practice where other students can utilize your desk when you are not using it. Mark your desk with name and your timetable. Also mark your locker door with name and class. Lockers can be locked with a padlock.

 The remaining desks are allocated to LUR- and Noragric students .
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