Ecology and Natural Resource Management

The Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management (INA) has several major areas of study. It combines research on, and education in, fundamental biology and ecology, renewable energy, nature-based tourism, natural resource management and forestry.


Urban birds are not smarter than birds living in the countryside


Thursday December 15, 2016, Daud Kachamba defended his PhD thesis on biomass estimation models and methods.
The dept. has sent out a call for a permanent position in nature-based tourism. Three prospectives are invited to hold trial lectures. Trial lectures are ...
NMBU's scientists are making an even greater mark than last year in this year's allocation of funding for independent projects from The Research Council of ...

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Career example: Julie Percival

Julie Percival finished her Master’s Degree in Ecology in 2014. She is now working as an Information Advisor at the Department of Conservation in...

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At INA we work to increase the knowledge about environmental issues, and how to use the environment in a sustainable way.

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