RCN deadline 10 April

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) has announced big changes to the process, requirements and criteria for applying for research grants in 2019. The most significant change is that there will now be just one main deadline – 10 April 2019– for all the programme calls (thematic and open)

New NFR deadline 10 April

This creates some logistical challenges for all of us, so the administration will soon distribute an internal schedule that will help us to meet this deadline. The internal deadline for informing the faculty administration and the head of your department about your intention to apply will be a few weeks after the call is published. For applying as a partner, another deadline will be handled.

The major changes are:

One deadline for all calls

For the 10 April deadline, it will be possible to apply for researcher-led projects, young researcher talent projects and mobility stipends for the following programmes: BEDREHELSE, FRIPRO, HELSEVEL, KLIMAFORSK, MARINFORSK, NORGLOBAL2, NORRUSS, SAMISK, SAMKUL, UTENRIKS, VAM etc. The draft call texts will be available by 10 November.  Other types of application (e.g. competence and innovation projects) will have a different deadline

New project manager requirements

It will now be possible for all researchers with doctoral competence to lead regular research projects (previously the requirement was 6 years since completing your PhD). For young researcher talents and mobility stipends, the conditions remain the same as before. However, the RCN will now limit the number of proposals you can submit as project manager to two.

Bigger, longer researcher projects

The RCN has increased the maximum grant size for a researcher-led project to NOK 12m for all programmes. They have also increased the maximum duration of a project from 4 years to 6 years.

New evaluation criteria

From 2019, the evaluation of all proposal types will focus on research excellence, impact and implementation.

More information will be circulated once the draft call texts are available and the internal deadlines are ready.  The Faculty will also organize writing support after the final calls are announced.

Published 12. November 2018 - 9:49 - Updated 10. January 2019 - 15:28