Keynote speakers

Finn Arler is Associate Professor in Human Ecology and Sustainability at the Department of Planning, and Head of the Centre for Applied Ethics, Aalborg University. His main interests include ethics, politics, science and planning in relation to sustainability, nature and the environment, particularly in areas such as biodiversity, landscape, energy, greenhouse effect, justice and equity, democracy, and economics. Finn has published a large number of articles, and written and edited several books. His forthcoming co- edited book is: Sustainability. Values, rules, methods (2014) in which he includes his chapter with Fred Hvelplund "Democracy and sustainability. Energy area as a case"

Michael Jones is Professor of Geography at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim. He has published on landscape change in Finland and Norway, landscape and planning, the concept of “cultural landscape”, agricultural policies and environmental management, land tenure history, historical legal geography and the history of cartography. He has edited together with Kenneth Olwig the book Nordic Landscapes (2008) and together with Marie Stenseke the book The European Landscape Convention: Challenge of Participation (2011).

Kenneth Olwig is Professor in Landscape Planning with specialty in landscape theory and history at the department of landscape architecture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp. Kenneth’s prolific work on landscape ranges from knowledge on the effect of cultural perceptions of nature and landscape in regional development, to the role of ideas of law and justice in shaping the political landscape and its physical manifestations.His writings include Landscape, Nature and the Body Politic (2002), Nature's Ideological Landscape (1984) and a co-edtided volumewith Don Mitchell on Justice, Power, and the Political Landscape (2009).

Jørgen Primdahl is Professor in Countryside Planning at the Department of Geoscience and Natural Research Management, University of Copenhagen. Jørgen co-leads the action research programme: Landscape Futures. The aim of the programme is to develop new approaches to rural landscape planning involving farmers and other stakeholders in the generation of planning solutions. Other research interests include rural landscape change, farmers’ landscape management and changing urban-rural relationships. Jørgen is co-author of the book Globalisation and agricultural landscapes (2010).

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