Centre for Landscape Democracy (CLaD)

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Landscape, Humanitarianism and Emergencies

Landscape, Humanitarianism and Emergencies

Join the Centre for Landscape Democracy in discussions on landscape developments. 14 October via Zoom.



Is the landscape model enough to face global post-pandemic challenges?  
2 September via Teams.

The Centre for Landscape Democracy, Seminar June 3, 2021

The Centre for Landscape Democracy, Seminar June 3, 2021

Seminar on 'Urban leopards: Exploring the complexity of meaning in a non-binary world' by Shai André Divon and Sunetro Ghosal


The Centre for Landscape Democracy (CLaD) is a cross-departmental, interdisciplinary centre at Landsam, Norwegian University of Life Sciences for the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge, creative interpretations and innovative solutions within the themes of landscape, development, and democracy. The centre was established by professor Shelley Egoz in 2014 and she directed the center until retirement in 2019.​

Core Group:

Mina di Marino, Associate Professor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, NMBU mina.di.marino@nmbu.no

Shai André Divon, Associate Professor, Department of International Environment and Delopment Studies, NMBU shai.divon@nmbu.no

Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn,  Professor, School of Landscape Architecture, NMBU annegreth.dietze@nmbu.no

Lei Gao, Researcher, School of Landscape Architecture, NMBU lei.gao@nmbu.no

Contact us

Visit us at the 'KA Building', Ås campus, Fredrik A. Dahls vei 15, 1430 Ås.

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