Projects at Noragric

  • Noragric Masters (International Relations) student, Clifford Collins Omondi Okwany
    Lillian Andersen / NMBU

Research at Noragric is often carried out in collaboration with external partners. Many long-term projects (5 years and beyond) fall under specific collaborative programmes.

Projects at Noragric

Research projects at Noragric are grouped according to the themes of the research clusters:

Environmental Governance
Conflict, Human Security and Development
Climate Change, Agriculture and Development 
Rights and Power in Development

Long-term collaboration programmes:

Projects under long-term collaboration programmes are cross-cutting by nature. The projects include research activities, capacity building, student supervision and/or teaching, and academic curriculum development at partner universities. Noragric researchers, students and staff are involved in several projects under each of the programmes listed below.

  • Capacity building for managing climate change in Malawi (CABMACC) programme (2013-2018), Malawi. The projects started in 2014.

  • NORHED: Noragric participates in 8 projects under the Norwegian Programme for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research for Development (2013 - 2018/2019). Full list of the 18 NORHED projects.
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