A list of articles published in relation with the project can be found here:



Noor Elahi, Ingrid L.P. Nyborg & Bahadar Nawab (2015) Participatory Development Practices: A Critical Analysis of Gender Empowerment and Development in Pre- and Post-crises Swat, Pakistan, Forum for Development Studies, 42:2, 333-356, DOI:10.1080/08039410.2015.1025828 .


Abda Khalid, Ingrid Nyborg and Bahadar Nawab (2015) “Whose property whose authority? Gendering the legal and customary practices in ownership and access to land: A case of Swat, Pakistan.” Journal of Rural Studies, Volume 41, page no: 47-58.



Khan, Muhammad Kashif Saeed; Nyborg, Ingrid L. P. (2013). False Promises False Hopes: Local Perspectives on Liberal Peace Building in North-Western Pakistan. Forum for Development Studies 2013; Volume 40. (2) s. 261-284

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