Gender and Human Security in Post - Conflict Pakistan

This is a collaborative project between NMBU/Noragric and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) in Abbottabad, Pakistan, was initiated this year focusing on the expanding nexus between security and development.

The project will look into the local and gendered understandings and experiences with insecurity, vulnerability and development among women and men in the post-conflict Swat, NWFP region of Pakistan. Investigation of local experiences will be combined with analysis of policies and discourses on development and security. Based on a human security framework together with gender, livelihood and institutional approaches the aim is to build up ananalytical understanding of how the people in Swat cope with the complex everyday situation they are living in. Through a focus on their relations to state and non-stateinstitutions, the project will link essential micro-macro processes.

The methods implemented are qualitative and participatory in nature, involving interviews and focusgroups with men, women and communities from villages in the chosen area. In addition,perceptions among stakeholders at district, national and international level are seen in comparison with the local women and men in Swat.

This project builds on a smaller pilot study of security, livelihoods and development in post-conflict Swat funded by Norad and the Planning Commission of Pakistan in 2010–2011

Contact Persons:
Dr. Ingrid Nyborg–Project leader (Noragric, NMBU, Norway)
Dr. Bahadar Nawab–Project leader (CIIT, Abbottabad,Pakistan)
Ingvild Jacobsen–PhD candidate
Kashif Saeed Khan-PhD candidate

Funding:Norwegian Research Council

Published 19. November 2014 - 14:18 - Updated 10. October 2019 - 11:33