Conflict, Human Security and Development

The term human security is used in its broadest sense, and includes food and livelihood security, as well as environmental, economic, health, and personal security.

The main purpose of the cluster is to provide an active forum for academic discussion and development on the themes relevant to the group.

The research areas we focus on:

  • Human security in conflict/post conflict, war/post war situations
  • Conflict/post conflict institutional building
  • Human security and human rights
  • Health and conflict
  • Livelihood security and revival in conflict and post-conflict contexts, resettlement and reintegration
  • Resource conflicts, negotiations and human security
  • Seed systems and security in conflict/post-conflict and post-disaster situations
  • Reconciliation and peace building processes
  • Women in post-conflict contexts with reference to UN resolution 1325; gender based violence in conflict post/conflict areas
  • Competing discourses and relations between humanitarian, development, military and civil actors in conflict/post-conflict zones
  • Securitization of development: humanitarian and development interventions in a securitized environment (emergency aid and protection, service delivery, long term development)
  • Impact of protracted emergencies on development
  • Post-flood recovery in Pakistan: A study of transitios from crisis to sustainable development


Planned activities

  • Launch academic debates/seminars/workshops.
  • Collaborate with relevant partner institutions in Norway working in related areas ( i.e. NUPI, PRIO and CMI) and invite them to participate in some of the cluster meetings and activities
  • Formulate research proposals under the cluster themes and explore opportunities for funding
  • Generate and nurture research network
  • Provide a forum for sharing of in-progress research papers
  • Writing a book (possibly titled with the same name as the cluster?)
  • Making the projects and activities of the cluster visible on the cluster web-pages
Published 27. September 2012 - 10:00 - Updated 11. February 2022 - 15:47