Venue: Vitenparken, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås

Time: 20. and 21. October 2014

Day 1: Monday 20 October

09:00: Registration, coffee and tea

09:30: Introduction and welcome. Overview and objectives of the conference, by Siri Eriksen (Noragric, NMBU) 

09:45-10:30: Keynote: David Manuel-Navarrete (Arizona State University). Why is adaptation political? Key political facets of adaptation.




10:45-12:30: Session 1: The politics of adaptation

- Andrei Marin (Noragric), Andrea Nightingale (University of Gothenburg), Siri Eriksen (Noragric): Why adaptation needs to be reframed

- Sigrid Nagoda (Noragric): The politics of adaptation in Nepal

- Batbuyan Batjav (National Academy of Sciences, Mongolia) and Andrei Marin (Noragric): The social life of the pastureland law and the politics of adaptation in Mongolia

- Jon Ensor (SEI York): Comment on the key themes emerging from the presentations 

Discussion: 30-45 minutes


13:30-15:30: Session 2: Policy dialogue: How can adaptation efforts contribute to climate resilient development pathways?  

Co-organised by cChange and Critical Mass 

Moderator: Andrew Kroglund, Utviklingsfondet


13:30-13:40: Herdis Laupsa, Norwegian Environment Agency. What now? Where do we go with adaptation in Norway?

13:40-13:50: Siri Eriksen (Noragric): The IPCC WGII report and climate resilient pathways


Panel discussion:

Antonie Kræmer, NORAD

Erling Kvernevik, Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection

Haavard Stensvand, Fylkesberedskapssjef, Fylkesmannen i Sogn og Fjordane

Helene Ruud, Norwegian Red Cross

15:30: Reception with snacks and drinks, music


17:00: Conference dinner in Ås, Aas Bistro


Day 2: Tuesday October 21st

09:00-09:30: Coffee and tea

09:30 -11:00: Session 3: Adaptation on the ground: from policy to practice

- Keynote: Andrea Nightingale (University of Gothenburg). Playing with politics and power in Nepal’s climate adaptation programs: from NAPA to LAPA

 - Berit Kristoffersen (University of Tromsø): Opportunistic climate politics in Norway?




11:20-13:00: Session 3 contd.

Gufu Oba (Noragric): Climate Change Adaptation in Africa: An Historical Ecology

Todd Crane (ILRI): The hidden politics of applied agricultural research for adaptation: A case study of participatory technology development in central Mali

Yograj Gautam (University of Bergen): Aid or abyss. Assessing the effectiveness of food assistance programs in the Nepal Himalaya



13:00: Lunch and closing of conference

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