Working Papers

Working Paper No. 50 (February 2017) "Something that the NGOs do"? Notes on participation and governance in the environment and development policy field. By Paul Vedeld.

Working Paper No. 49. (October 2014) Irrigation Management, Institutions and Local Livelihood Adaptation on Usangu Plains, Tanzania. By Sanket Patel, Paul Vedeld and Andrew Tarimo

Working Paper No. 48. (October 2013) Religion, Prestige and Windows of Opportunity? (Qatari peace-making and foreign policy engagement). Edited by Stig Jarle Hansen, with contributions by Mohamed H. Gaas, Stig J. Hansen and Halvard Leira

Working Paper No. 47. (August 2012) Conflict, Corruption, Perception, Remedies (The role of the United Nations in War Economies). By Stig Jarle Hansen, Inger Kristine Sørvig, N. Shanmugaratnam and Darley Kjosavik

Working Paper No. 46. (November 2008) To Co-operate or Not to Co-operate? A study of Collaborative Management Planning in Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda. By Marte Sletten, Paul Vedeld and John Kaboggoza

Working Paper No. 45. (August 2008) Pedagogy of the Powerful: Engaging Critically with the New Transnational Development Advocacy. By Simon Pahle

Working Paper No. 44. (June 2008) From Forest Reserve to National Park. Change in Legal Status and Impacts on Livelihoods and Biodiversity Resources, Mt. Elgon, Uganda. By Gosalamang Ditiro, Paul Vedeld and William Gombya-Ssembajjwe

Working Paper No. 43. (February 2008) Step by Step! Livelihoods, Social Institutions and Treadle Pump Adoption, Kasungu District, Malawi. By Anna Handrina Lwesya and Paul Vedeld

Working Paper No. 42. (July 2007).  Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: The Case of Zambia’s Refusal to Accept American Food Aid.  By Cassandra Bergstrøm

Working Paper No. 41. (July 2007). Formation and Change of Property Regimes: The Case of Reindeer in Norway.  By Cassandra Bergstrøm

Working Paper No. 40. (March 2007). Norwegian commons. A brief account of history, status and challenges.  By Sidsel Grimstad and Hans Sevatdal

Working Paper No. 39. (September 2005).  Exploring Nature, Wealth and Power Issues in Agriculture and Resource Management: A Case Study on the Aga Khan Rural Support Program, Northern Pakistan.  By Ingrid Nyborg and Jawad Ali

Working Paper No. 38. (May 2005).  Contribution of 'Rice Culture' to On-Farm Management of Diversity and Knowledge in Nepal.  By Deepak Rijal and Gry Synnevåg

Working Paper No. 37. (December 2004).  What is the role of reductionism in agricultural technology transfers? The Green Revolution and agricultural gene technology.  By Frøydis Kvaløy

Working Paper No. 36. (September 2004).  Hunting and Hegemony in the Highlands of Scotland:A study in the ideology of landscapes and landownership.  By Andy Wightman

Working Paper No. 35. (May 2004). Does agricultural research reduce poverty among smallholder farmers? The case of Tanzania.  By Dismas L. Mwaseba, Fred H. Johnsen, Susan Nchimbi-Msolla and Patrick S. J. Makungu

Working Paper No. 34. (February 2004).  Technical efficiency in the spice based agroforestry sector in Matale, Sri Lanka.  By Lindara M.J.K. Lindara, Fred H. Johnsen and Herath M. Gunatilake

Working Paper No. 33. (January 2004).  Some piece of cake! Crafting Interdisciplinarity in Teaching Management of Natural Resources and Sustainable Agriculture: Experiences from the M.Sc. Programme in Management of Natural Resources and Sustainable Agriculture, NLH.  By Vedeld, Paul

Working Paper No. 32. (January 2004). Teori og praksis i sosialantropologi som studiefag/Theory and practice in teaching and learning social anthropology. By Kaarhus, Randi

Working Paper No. 31. (September 2003). "Coaching - poaching?". Governance, Local People and Wildlife around Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda. By Jankulovska, A., P. Vedeld and J. Kaboggoza

Working Paper No. 30. (August 2003). Social Forestry in South Asia: Myths and Realities. By Nagothu, U.S. and I. Jørgensen

Working Paper No. 29. (July 2003). Poverty and Environmental Degradation in the Drylands: An Overview of Problems and Processes. By Movik, S., S. Dejene and G. Synnevåg

Working Paper No. 28. (2003). Abstract only. Methodological Individualism and Rational Choice in Neoclassical Economics: An Institutionalist Critique. By Jose, D. For the full report, email:

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