Noragric reports 2006

No.38. Stein Bie and Torben Lang. (2006).
NASFAM: National Smallholder Farmers' Association of Malawi. Evaluation of Norwegian support to NASFAM's Strategic Dev. Progr. 2003-2006; Appraisal of Programme Document for support to NASFAM's Strategic Dev. Progr. 2007-2011. | Cover |

No. 37. Paul Vedeld and Zabron Kengera. (2006).
The Fast Track Initiative. An Assessment of a Public-Private Partnership Process on developing the fertilizer value chain in Tanzania. | Cover |

No. 36.Stein Holden, Randi Kaarhus and Rodney Lunduka. (2006).
Land Policy Reform: The Role of Land Markets and Women's Land Rights in Malawi. | Cover

No. 35. Ruth Haug, N. Shanmugaratnam, Jens Aune, Pål Vedeld, Trygve Berg and Joanna Boddens-Hosang. (2006).
Environment and Development Studies: The Way Ahead. A conference to celebrate Noragric's 20th anniversary 15-16 June 2006. Conference report. | Cover

No. 34. Jørn Holm-Hansen, Mensur Vegara, Thor S. Larsen, Sreten Andonov, Dane Bošev and Fatmir Selimi. (2006).
Review of Norges Vel's Agricultural Projects in Kosovo and Macedonia During the Period 2002 – 2006, financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Final Report. | Cover

No. 33. Paul Vedeld, James Acworth and Ivar Jørgensen. (2006).
Possible Norwegian Engagement in Decentralized Forest and Natural Resource Management in Uganda. Fact finding mission. | Cover |

No. 32. Randi Kaarhus and Ramji Nyirenda. (2006).
Decentralisation in the Agricultural Sector in Malawi. Policies, processes and community linkages. | Cover |

No. 31. Bishal K. Sitaula, May-Guri Sæthre & Ari B. Battharai. (2006).
National Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programme in Nepal (NPL 2945). A Midt Term Review Report.
Executive summary | Cover | (The full report is not available)

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