Noragric reports 2003

No.19. N. Shanmugaratnam (2003).
NPA's Southern Sudan Programme:An Assessment with Reference to the Current Sudanese Context and Future Institutional Cooperation with Noragric

No.18. Thor S. Larsen, Bengt Kjeller, Karl H. Solberg and Raphael M. Wambura. (2003).
Member Empowerment and Enterprise Development Programme: MEMCOOP Phase II. Appraisal report.

No.17.Ola Syrstad (2003).
Mat, Miljø og Utvikling: U-hjelpens historie ved Norges landbrukshøgskole 1964 - 1990

No.16 (English). Randi Kaarhus and Pamela Rebelo (2003).
CSOs and SWAPs: The role of civil society organisations in the health sector in Mozambique

No.16 (Portuguese). Randi Kaarhus e Pamela Rebelo (2003).
O papel das organizações da sociedade civil no sector de saúde em Moçambique

No.15. Joanna A.A. Boddens-Hosang (Ed.) (2003).
Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future: Noragric/NLH's partnerships with universities in Africa

No.14-B: Aregay Waktola and Bayush Tsegaye (2003).
Biotechnology related policy, management and negotiation competence: Case study from Ethiopia. | Cover

No.14-A: Trygve Berg (Ed.), Mohasina Syed, Hilde-Gunn Opsahl Ferstad, Bayush Tsegaye and Aregay Waktola (2003).
Biotechnology in developing countries: Needs and modes of competence building.

No.13: Mamadou D. Doumbia, Abou Berthe et Jens B. Aune. (2003).
Etude de Faisabilité sur un Programme de Récherche-Dévéloppement pour Lutter Contre l'Insecurité Alimentaire dans les Modes d'Existence à Base de Mil au Mali (PRDIA). | Cover |

No.12: Ivar Jørgensen and Dr. K. Vivekanandan (2003).
Private forestry based on Paulownia in Sri Lanka: an appraisal of the outgrower scheme presented by Paulownia Plantations LTD. | Cover |

No.11: Alice M. Ennals, Ivar Jørgensen and Campbell Day (2003).
The Emerging Role of Forestry as an Important Tool in Poverty Alleviation: A role for Norwegian development assistance? | Cover |


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