No. 86. Sarah Paule Dalle and Ola Tveitereid Westengen.
Seed security in theory and practice: a comparative study of seed security frameworks and their use.


No. 85. Claudia Fongar, Thomas B. Randrup, Ingjerd Solfjeld.
Characteristics of Norwegian Green Space Management - Managers' Perspectives on Place-Keeping. Data Report.


No. 84. Sigrid Nagoda, Marianne Mosberg and Siri Eriksen.
Humanitarian Policy and Practice in a Changing Climate. Guiding Principles for Practitioners.

No. 83. Ruth Haug.
Food security indicators: How to measure and communicate results.


No. 82. Arild Vatn, Suelen Marostica, Virgilio Viana and Victor Salviati.
Management Regimes for REDD+. An analysis of the regime in the RDS Rio Negro REDD+ pilot.

No. 81. Raymond Achu Samndong and Glenn K. Bush.
Governance structures established for REDD+ implementation and their adaptation to the institutional and ecological conditions in Equateur province of the DRC

No. 80. Ola Westengen, Teshome Hunduma and Kristine Skarbø.
From Genebanks to Farmers. A study of approaches to introduce genebank material to farmers’ seed systems.


No. 79. Ingrid Nyborg and Linn Jaeckle. 
Focused Study Report. Exploring Rural Livelihoods in Afghanistan: A Study of Two Villages in Dai Kundi Province

No. 78. Ruth Haug
Emergency preparedness and early recovery for enhanced food security in Africa


No. 77. Fred H. Johnsen, Mike Bess, Romanus C. Ishengoma and Lars K. Grimsby
Energizing Tanzania: Strategic consideration of possible interventions to support sustainable development and use of bioenergy in Tanzania 2015 - 2025

No. 76. Nabanoga G., Namaalwa J., Ssenyonjo E. and Nantongo M.
Management regimes established for REDD+ and their adaptability to the institutional and ecological conditions. A case of Ongo community forest, Masindi district, Uganda.

No. 75. George C. Kajembe, Dos Santos A. Silayo and Arild Vatn.
The adaptation of REDD+ initiatives in forest management regimes in two pilot projects of Kondoa and Kilosa Districts, Tanzania.

No. 74. Pål Olav Vedeld, Connor Cavanagh and Leif Tore Trædal.
Illegal Timber Trade and REDD+ Interface in Eastern Africa: A Pilot.


No. 73. Marianne Mosberg and Siri Eriksen 
Conference Summary Report:The politics of climate change adaptation: Taking stock of academic and practitioner experiences

No. 72. Maren Elise Bachke and Ruth Haug 
Food Security in a climate perspective: What role could the private sector play regarding investment in smallholder agriculture in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia?

No. 71. Jens B. Aune, Nagothu Udaya Sekhar, Kjell Esser and Mehreteab Tesfai. 
Opportunities for Support to System of Rice Intensification in Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi Report commissioned by NORAD under the NMBU – Norad Frame Agreement


No. 70. Tor A. Benjaminsen and David Tumusiime.
Appraisal of the Programme Document ‘Promoting transboundary collaboration in the Central Albertine Rift in order to reduce unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and contribute to economic development’

No. 69. Arild Vatn, Arild Angelsen, Desmond McNeill and Leif Tore Trædal.
Options for National REDD+ Strategies Report from a conference at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 29 - 31 May 2013.


No. 68. Jens B. Aune, Progress Nyanga and Fred H. Johnsen.
A monitoring and evaluation report of the conservation agriculture project (CAP1) in Zambia.

No. 67. Kjell B. Esser, May-Guri Sæthre, Neelam Pradhananga and Hemant Ojha.
Midterm Review of the National Integrated Pest Management Programme in Nepal, Phase II. 

No. 66. Fred H. Johnsen, Robert Kafakuma and Unni Silkoset.
Management for Adaptation to Climate Change. Mid-Term review of a project implemented by Total Land Care, Malawi

No. 65. Mohamed Husein Gaas, Stig Jarle Hansen and David Berry.
The Somali Media: An Overview

No. 64. Gry Synnevåg and Jayne Lambrou (Eds.)
Climate-smart agriculture: possible roles of agricultural universities in a strengthened Norwegian climate change engagement in Africa

No. 63. Randi Kaarhus and Philip Woodhouse.
Development of national producer organizations and specialized business units in Mozambique: a study for the Royal Norwegian Society for Development to prepare a new phase of programme collaboration

No. 62. Ingrid Nyborg, Bahadar Nawab, Kashif Khan and Jawad Ali.
Rural development in Swat, Pakistan: Understanding Food and Livelihood Security in Post-Conflict Contexts.


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