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Johnsen: Conflict on what Sámi reindeer husbandry is and ought to be

Norway's governance of reindeer husbandry is based on Western understanding of the world and is in conflict with Sámi reindeer herders' worldview - these competing views compromise the rights of the pastoralists, say Kathrine Johnsen et al. in recent study. 

PETAR Iporanga

Thorkildsen & Kaarhus: The contested nature of Afro-descendant quilombo land claims in Brazil

How has Brazil's recognition of its quilombola communities as legal rights-holders to land been translated into practice? Kjersti Thorkildsen and Randi Kaarhus in the Journal of Peasant Studies.

Fuel wood in DRC.

Samndong & Kjosavik: Gendered forests - exploring gender dimensions in forest governance and REDD+ in Democratic Republic of Congo

Raymond Achu Samndong & Darley Kjosavik analyse gender relations in the context of efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in Democratic Republic of Congo. Article in 'Ecology and Society'. 

Cheese made from raw sheep milk

Vegara: Aromatic components as quality parameters of indigenous Livno and Travnik cheeses

What makes good cheese? Mensur Vegara & colleagues analyse the aromatic compounds of two local cheese types in Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

Political Geography

Benjaminsen: Political geography in the impasse

What is the role of the journal 'Political Geography', and political geography in general, in today's geopolitical climate? Editorial in 'Political Geography' by Tor Arve Benjaminsen et al

Shaded relief map of Ethiopia

Tiki & Oba: Righting the Wrongs - Contesting Water Property Rights in Southern Ethiopia

Article in 'Human Ecology' by Waktole Tiki and Gufu Oba

Mangrove Conservation

Srivastava & Mehta: Mangrove Conservation

The Social Life of Mangroves - Resource Complexes and Contestations on the Industrial Coastline of Kutch, India. A working paper co-written by Lyla Mehta and published by the STEPS Centre


Houeland: Between the street and Aso Rock* - the role of Nigerian trade unions in popular protests

Article in the Journal of Contemporary African Studies by Noragric PhD Fellow Camilla Houeland.

Lessons and Implications for REDD+: Implementation Experiences from Tanzania

Lessons and Implications for REDD+: Implementation Experiences from Tanzania

This recent book was published at a time when REDD+ was given recognition during the Paris COP 21 Climate Accord. Includes chapters by Noragric's Arild Vatn, Lars Olav Eik, Pål Vedeld, Ruth Haug and Siri Eriksen

 World Trimmed with Fur: Wild Things, Pristine Places, and the Natural Fringes of the Qing Rule

Book review by Andrei Marin

'A World Trimmed with Fur: Wild Things, Pristine Places, and the Natural Fringes of the Qing Rule' reviewed in the journal 'Inner Asia'

Norwegian dairy goat

Eik: Evaluation of growth, milk and manure production in Norwegian dairy goats in one highland of Tanzania 30 years after introduction

Article in the South African Journal of Animal Science by Lars Olav Eik and colleagues in Tanzania.

Climate-smart farm in western Kenya.

Old wine, new bottles? Investigating the differential adoption of ‘climate-smart’ agricultural practices in western Kenya

Article in the 'Journal of Rural Studies' by Connor J. Cavanagh, Antony Kibet Chemarum, Pål Vedeld & Jón Geir Pétursson

Discussion paper for the International Security Program at Harvard Kennedy School

Hansen, Gaas & Bary: The Muslim Brotherhood Movement in the Arab Winter

Discussion paper for the International Security Program at Harvard Kennedy School, edited and co-written by Stig J. Hansen, Mohamed H. Gaas and Ida Bary. 

La Amazonía Minada: Minería a gran escala y conflictos en el sur del Ecuador

Leifsen: Mining the Amazon. Large-scale mining and conflicts in the south of Ecuador

Launched at the University of San Francisco in Quito, this new book is partly based on research carried out in relation to the Noragric-led project 'Extracting Justice?'. Co-edited and co-written by Esben Leifsen. 

World Politics in Translation: Power, Relationality and Difference in Global Cooperation

Glaab: Faithful translation? Shifting the boundaries of the religious and the secular in the global climate change debate

Chapter in 'World Politics in Translation: Power, Relationality and Difference in Global Cooperation' by Katharina Glaab. Published by Routledge.

The Mirador copper mining project in Ecuador's richly biodiverse Cordillera del Condor is under the control of Chinese state-owned companies.

Leifsen: Large-scale mining in Ecuador - Conflict, Resistance and Ethnicity

Article in 'Journal of Iberoamerican Anthropology' by Luis S. Vázquez, Esben Leifsen & Ana D. V. Delgado

The Human Right to Water: Theory, Practice and Prospects

Derman: Reflections on the Right to Water from a Political Ecology Perspective: Tensions in Zimbabwe's Water Governance

Chapter in 'The Human Right to Water - Theory, Practice and Prospects' by Bill Derman and Emmanuel Manzungu. Published by Cambridge University Press


Gómez-Baggethun: Off-stage ecosystem service burdens - A blind spot for global sustainability

Article in 'Environmental Research Letters' co-authored by Erik Gómez-Baggethun.

IDS Bulletin

Courting Catastrophe? Humanitarian Policy and Practice in a Changing Climate

IDS Bulletin including articles by Noragric-affiliated Siri Eriksen, Ruth Haug, Lutgart Lenaerts, Andrei Marin, Ingrid Nyborg, Marianne Mosberg and Sigrid Nagoda.

Kristine Skarbø

Skarbø: Two new book chapters

Two chapters co-authored by Kristine Skarbø in 'Innovasjonsøkosystem [Innovasion Ecosystems]'.

Politisk Økologi - Miljø, mennesker og makt

Benjaminsen & Svarstad: Politisk økologi - Miljø, mennesker og makt

New edition of book on political ecology by Tor Arve Benjaminsen and Hanne Svarstad.

Conservation agriculture trials in Zambia.

Westengen: A climate for commerce - The political agronomy of conservation agriculture in Zambia

Article in 'Agriculture and Human Values' by Ola Westengen et al

Journal of Eastern African Studies

West & Haug: The vulnerability and resilience of smallholder-inclusive agricultural investments in Tanzania

Article in the Journal of Eastern African Studies by Jennifer West and Ruth Haug. 


Gómez-Baggethun: Assessing the Potential of Regulating Ecosystem Services as Nature-Based Solutions in Urban Areas

Chapter in the open access Springer book: 'Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Areas'

Cow enjoying the morning view of a calm Caribbean Sea on Corn Island, Nicaragua

Lie: Participatory system dynamics modelling for dairy value chain development in Nicaragua

Article in 'Development in Practice' by Helene Lie, Karl M. Rich and Stefan Burkart

Ola Westengen

Westengen: Crops in context - Negotiating traditional and formal seed institutions.

Chapter in 'Agronomy for Development: The Politics of Knowledge in Agricultural Research (Pathways to Sustainability)' by Ola Westengen. Published by Routledge.

REDD+ (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) er det største globale enkelttiltaket for å bevare natur i utviklingsland, og Norge er sterkt involvert. Pilotprosjekter blir blant annet gjennomført i Tanzania, hvor feltarbeidet for Øyvind Hystad Handbergs doktoravhandling ble gjennomført.

REDD+ in Tanzania

‘Success projects’ emerge in the wake of new development fads, and REDD+ in Zanzibar is at risk of becoming another example of a ‘conservation fad’


Gómez-Baggethun et al: “Sustainability whack-a-mole”:

Sustainability efforts often fail to recognise the risk of turning up the environmental pressure elsewhere.

Andrea J. Nightingale

Nightingale: Power and politics in climate change adaptation efforts

Article in 'Geoforum' by Andrea Nightingale

Flows and Practices - The Politics of Integrated Water Resources Management in Eastern and Southern Africa

Flows and Practices - The Politics of Integrated Water Resources Management in Eastern and Southern Africa

Book edited/co-written by Lyla Mehta, Bill Derman and Emmanuel Manzungu

Women return from harvesting cassava in Buya 1 village, Bikaro, Equateur Province, DRC

Samndong: The road to transformation of practices on the (forest) land

Chapter in 'Central African Forests Forever' by I. Nhantumbo and Noragric PhD Fellow Raymond Achu Samndong

Avskoging i Tanzania,

Vatn, Nantongo et al: What does it take to institute REDD +? An analysis of the Kilosa REDD+ pilot, Tanzania

Article in 'Forest policy and Economics' by Arild Vatn, Maria Nantongo et al.

Herder Warfare in East Africa: A Social and Spatial History

Oba: Herder Warfare in East Africa - A Social and Spatial History

Monographic book written by Gufu Oba and published by Whitehorse Press.

Planter in Mali

Aune: Precision farming for increased land and labour productivity in semi-arid West Africa. A review

Article in 'Agronomy for Sustainable Development' by Jens B. Aune, Adama Coulibaly & Ken E. Giller

Mensur Vegara

Vegara: Physiological Characterization of Dubska Pramenka

Article in 'Food and Nutrition Sciences' co-authored by Mensur Vegara


Johnsen & Benjaminsen: “Rationalization” of Sámi reindeer husbandry in Norway since the 1970s

Article in Acta Borealia by Kathrine I. Johnsen & Tor A. Benjaminsen


Glaab: A Climate for Justice? Faith-based Advocacy on Climate Change at the United Nations

Article in special issue of 'Globalizations' by Katharina Glaab, who also co-edited the issue.

Fuel wood in DRC.

Vedeld: REDD+ in Africa - Contexts and challenges

Article in 'Natural Resources Forum' co-authored by Pål Vedeld.


Glaab: Normalising knowledge? Constructivist norm research as political practice

Article in the European Review of International Studies, co-written by Katharina Glaab.

United Stated Assistance Policy in Africa - Exceptional Power

United States Assistance Policy in Africa - Exceptional Power

Book by Shai Divon and Bill Derman. “This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of Development Studies, Political Science and International Relations with particular interest in U.S. foreign policy, USAID and/or African studies” [Routledge].

Geitene ved SHF.

Eik: Use of simulation to examine a dairy goat breeding program in Tanzania

Article in 'Livestock Research and Rural Development' co-authored by NMBU's Lars Olav Eik, Torstein Steine and Tormod Ådnøy.

Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania

Bergius & Benjaminsen: Green economy, Scandinavian investments and agricultural modernization in Tanzania

Article in the Journal of Peasant Studies by Mikael Bergius, Tor Arve Benjaminsen & Mats Widgren.

Political ecology

Cavanagh & Benjaminsen: Political ecology, variegated green economies, and the foreclosure of alternative sustainabilities

Article by Connor Cavanagh and Tor Arve Benjaminsen in a Special Section of the Journal of Political Ecology, which is also edited by Cavanagh & Benjaminsen. 

Pål Olav Vedeld

Vedeld: Something that the NGOs do?

Notes on participation and governance in the environment and development policy field. Noragric Working Paper No. 50 by Pål Vedeld.

Cecilie Hirsch

Hirsch: Makers and shapers of environmental policy making - Power and participation in forest legislation in Bolivia

Article by NMBU/UiO PhD Fellow Cecilie Hirsch in the Journal of Rural Studies.

Shai André Divon

Divon: Negotiating justice - Legal pluralism and gender-based violence in Liberia

Article in Third World Quarterly (an NSD 'level 2' journal) by Shai Divon and NUPI's Morten Bøås

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