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Professor Gufu Oba

Oba: Herder Warfare in East Africa - A Social and Spatial History

New book by Gufu Oba to be published by White Horse Press on 15 May 2017


Benjaminsen: Political Geography and the environment

Editorial article in 'Political Geography' by Tor A. Benjaminsen, Halvard Buhaug, Fiona McConnell, Joanna Sharp and Philip E. Steinberg

Morten Jerven

Governing the world 'as if' it counts

Article by Morten Jerven in 'Devex International Development'.


Jerven: Africa by numbers - Reviewing the database approach to studying African economies.

Article by Morten Jerven in the Oxford Journal 'African Affairs'.

Noragrics Siri Eriksen er en av hovedforfatterne av kapittelet om fattigdom og levekår i FNs klimarapport del 2.

Eriksen: The role of priority non-timber forest products in enhancing local adaptive capacity to climate change stresses in Kilombero district, Tanzania

Article in 'Climate and Development' by Chelestino Balamo, Suzana Augustino, Siri Eriksen and Fortunatus Makonda.

Tor A. Benjaminsen

Benjaminsen: Does Climate Change Lead to Conflicts in the Sahel?

Chapter by Tor Arve Benjaminsen in the book 'The End of Desertification?'.

Ecological Economics

Heller & Vatn: The divisive and disruptive effect of a weight-based waste fee

Article in Ecological Economics by Marit Heller and Arild Vatn.

Assoc. Professor John McNeish, Noragric

McNeish: Extracting justice? Colombia’s commitment to mining and energy as a foundation for peace.

Article in the International Journal of Human Rights by John-Andrew McNeish, to be printed as part of special edition later this year.

Erik Gómez-Baggethun

Gómez-Baggethun: Towards an Urban Resilience Index - A Case Study in 50 Spanish Cities

Article in 'Sustainability' co-authored by Erik Gómez-Baggethun.

Helene Lie

Lie: Integrating small-scale dairy farmers into school milk programmes

Proceedings from FAO sessions at the IFAMA World Forum, South Africa

African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development.

Grimsby & Eik: The prospect of biogas among small-holder dairy goat farmers in the Uluguru mountains, Tanzania

Article in the 'African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development' by Grimsby, L.K., Gulbrandsen, L., Eik, L.O., Msalya, G. & Kifaro, G.C.

Morten Jerven, Noragric

Comparisons on a speculative basis are not very informative.

Morten Jerven writes about economic historian and Nobel prize-winner Robert Fogel's approach to counterfactual scenarios in his latest column in 'Klassekampen'

Connor Joseph Cavanagh

Cavanagh: Resilience, class, and the antifragility of capital

Article in Resilience by Noragric PhD Fellow Connor Cavanagh

Erik Gómez-Baggethun

Gómez-Baggethun: Home Garden Ecosystem Services Valuation through a Gender Lens - A Case Study in the Catalan Pyrenees

Article in Sustainability by Laura Calvet-Mir, Hugh March, Daniel Corbacho-Monné, Erik Gómez-Baggethun and Victoria Reyes-García

Old mountain pass from Aurland to Lærdal (above the Lærdalstunnel), view over Aurland

Eik: Seeing Northern European Fjord and Mountain Agriculture Through Farmers' Eyes - A Critical Step in Promoting Sustainability

Article in Mountain Research and Development by Alberto Bernués, Morten Clemetsen and Lars Olav Eik.

Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Bekele et al: State-Society Relations in Ethiopia: A Political-Economy Perspective of the Post-1991 Order

Article in Social Sciences by Yeshtila Wondemeneh Bekele, Darley Kjosavik & Nadarajah Shanmugaratnam.

Wagagai, the highest peak of Mount Elgon, Uganda

Vedeld, Cavanagh, et al: The Political Economy of Conservation at Mount Elgon, Uganda

Article by Pål Vedeld, Connor Cavanagh, Jon Geir Petursson, Charlotte Nakakaawa, Ricarda Moll & Espen Sjaastad in Conservation & Society.

Raymond Achu Samndong

Samndong: An Appraisal of Village Level Associations for REDD+ Implementation in Buya 1, Bikoro Territory, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Chapter in Bobineau & Gieg (Eds) 2016. 'The Democratic Republic of the Congo: Problems, Progress and Prospects' by Raymond Achu Samndong


Divon: Police Reform and Power in Post Conflict Societies

Article by Shai Divon in the European Journal of Policing Studies.

Erik Gómez-Baggethun

Gómez-Baggethun: Resilience of small-scale societies - a view from drylands

Article co-authored by Erik Gómez-Baggethun in Ecology and Society.

Lars Olav Eik

Eik: Climate change adaptation in vulnerable crop and livestock production systems in Mgeta, Tanzania

Article by Z.C. Nziku, L.J. Asheim, L.O. Eik, D. Mwaseba and G.C. Kifaro in the African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development.  


Jerven: Discrepancies - Why Do GDP Growth Rates Differ?

Article by Morten Jerven in the 'Journal of the Foundation for Agrarian Studies'.

Erik Gómez-Baggethun

Gómez-Baggethun: Four new articles

In 'Ecology and Society', 'Environmental Science & Policy' and 'Land Use Policy'

Noragrics Siri Eriksen er en av hovedforfatterne av kapittelet om fattigdom og levekår i FNs klimarapport del 2.

Eriksen: Addressing the risk of maladaptation to climate change

Advanced review co-authored by Siri Eriksen in 'Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change'.

Lyla Mehta

Mehta: Dianne Rocheleau - The Feminist Political Ecology Legacy and Beyond

Chapter by Lyla Mehta in: Harcourt. W. (ed.) 2016. 'The Palgrave Handbook of Gender and Development', Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. 660pp. 

Development in Practice

Haug & Synnevåg: If technology is the answer, what does it take?

Article by Ruth Haug, Joseph P. Hella, Susan Nchimbi-Msolla, Dismas L. Mwaseba & Gry Synnevåg in 'Development in Practice'.


Derman: Review of 'Land, Mobility and Belonging in West Africa' by Carola Lentz

Book review by Bill Derman in 'American Anthropologist'.

Tor Arve Benjaminsen

Benjaminsen: Review of 'Give a Man a Fish' by James Ferguson

Book review by Tor Arve Benjaminsen in 'Bistandaktuelt'.


Benjaminsen: Doctoral Thesis Review.

Tor Arve Benjaminsen, Joseph Awetori Yaro and Arnt Fløysand review Festus Boamah's PhD thesis on biofuels and land politics in Ghana. Published in the Norwegian Journal of Geography.

Kirsti Stuvøy

Stuvøy: Book Review

Can we understand Russia by focusing on President Putin and power alone? Kirsti Stuvøy discusses this and broader analytical questions on Russia's international relations in her review of the book  'Russernes drømme. Om det nye Russlands selvforståelse – og Vestens misforståelser' in 'Nordisk Østforum'.


Lutgart Lenaerts

Lenaerts: Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants from degraded dry afromontane forest in northern Ethiopia - Species, uses and conservation challenges

Article by Kidane Giday, Lutgart Lenaerts, Kindeya Gebrehiwot, Gidey Yirga and Bart Muys in the Journal of Herbal Medicine.

Photo: Shai Divon

Divon: Gender Based Violence and Access to Justice - The case of Ganta, Liberia

NUPI Working Paper by Shai Divon, T. Debey Sayndee and Morten Bøås

Lars Kåre Grimsby

Grimsby & Treiber: Multiple biomass fuels and improved cook stoves from Tanzania assessed with the Water Boiling Test

Article in 'Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments' by Lars Kåre Grimsby, Hassan Mtoro Rajabu & Michael Treiber.

Lars Olav Eik

Selemani & Eik: The effects of concentrate supplementation on growth performance and behavioral activities of cattle grazed on natural pasture.

Short Communications article by Ismail Saidi Selemani and Lars Olav Eik in Tropical Animal Health and Production.

Ola Westengen

Westengen: The State of Food Security - From Availability, Access and Rights to Food Systems Approaches

Article in 'Forum for Development Studies' by Ola Westengen and SUM's Dan Banik.

Gender Equality and Sustainability

Mehta: Sustainable development - A gendered pathways approach

Chapter by Melissa Leach and Lyla Mehta in the book 'Gender Equality and Sustainable Development (Pathways to Sustainability)'.

Eirin Hongslo

Hongslo: An ecology of difference. Fence-line contrast photographs as scientific models in ecology.

Article in the 'Journal of Political Ecology' by Noragric PhD alumna Eirin Hongslo.

Samisk reindrift: Norske myter

Benjaminsen: Samisk reindrift - Norske myter

Book edited by Tor Arve Benjaminsen, Inger Marie Gaup Eira & Mikkel Nils Sara with chapters co-authored by Benjaminsen, Espen Sjaastad, Andrei Marin and Kathrine Ivsett Johnsen. Published in Norwegian by 'Fagbokforlaget'.

Arild Vatn

Environmental Governance: Institutions, Policies and Actions

Book by Arild Vatn published by the NSD-accredited Level 2 publisher Edward Elgar Publishing

Environmental Research Letters

Benjaminsen & Sjaastad: Climate variability, food production shocks, and violent conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa

Article co-authored by Tor Arve Benjaminsen and Espen Sjaastad in 'Environmental Research Letters'.

Morten Jerven

Jerven: Does it pay to be poor? Testing for systematically underreported GNI estimates

Article by Andrew Kerner, Morten Jerven and Alison Beatty in 'The Review of International Organizations'

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