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Reconnecting Natural and Cultural Capital

Advancing knowledge on natural and cultural capital

Chapter in the EU publication 'Reconnecting natural and cultural capital' co-written by Noragric professor Erik Gómez-Baggethun

Conservation and Development in Uganda

Conservation and Development in Uganda

Uganda has extensive protected areas and iconic wildlife including mountain gorillas. This new book assesses the country's recent role in complex conservation challenges. Co-edited by Noragric postdoc Connor Cavanagh and PhD alumnus David Mwesigye Tumusiime.  

Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

Encyclopedia of Ecology

New edition with a chapter on political ecology by Tor Arve Benjaminsen and Hanne Svarstad


Estimating Transaction Costs of REDD+

Are the costs of the climate change mitigation programme REDD+ underestimated and if so, what are the implications? New study by Mary Nantongo & Arild Vatn in 'Ecological Economics'.

Chambo (tilapia) fish, Blantyre market, Malawi

Insights from Malawi's small-scale fisheries

Moses Limuwa and Gry Synnevåg give a gendered perspective of small-scale fisheries in Malawi including livelihood patterns and coping strategies under climate change.

Sheep in Horro, Ethiopia

Banana leaves: a dietary supplement for sheep?

When banana leaf is used as a supplement to poor-quality grass, body weight increases in sheep in Ethiopia. New study with Noragric's Lars Olav Eik.

A rare glimpse of a Tiger in the Western Ghats

Political ecology of tiger conservation in India

New study demonstrates that conservation policy has alienated indigenous forest dwellers from their agricultural and forest‐land, producing adverse effects for both livelihoods and the ecosystem. Tor Arve Benjaminsen in the Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography.



Food security in Mali and Sudan

Jens B. Aune and colleagues assess the role of mechanization in dryland farming in Mali and the intensification of groundnut production in Sudan in two new articles.

Hans Nicolai Adam

Uncertainty in Climate Science: Extreme Weather Events in India

Noragric's Hans Adam and colleagues call for recognition of uncertainties in climate science in order to channel resources appropriately, build public trust and improve policy effectiveness. 

Redbreast Tilapia (Tilapia rendalli)

Can fish farming sustainably support livelihoods in Lake Malawi?

Noragric PhD Fellow Moses Limuwa, Wales Singini & Trond Storebakken in 'Sustainability'.

Somalia: A Political Economy Analysis

Somalia: A Political Economy Analysis

Report by Christian Webersik, Stig Jarle Hansen & Adam Egal, commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Political ecology

Power in political ecology

Special section of the Journal of Political Ecology co-edited by Tor Arve Benjaminsen, with articles by Benjaminsen, Connor Cavanagh & Andrea Nightingale

The 30 most frequently used words in the responses from managers and researchers in a survey of priorities in protected area research.

Priorities for protected area research

Study in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) journal PARKS with Noragric professor Pål Vedeld. 


Why do pastoralists in Mali join jihadist groups? A political ecological explanation

Tor Arve Benjaminsen & Boubacar Ba in the Journal of Peasant Studies. 

Attappady Hills, south India

Climate change adaptation in the Western Ghats

Adaptation strategies are ill-attuned to the complex situation in Attappady in south India, finds new Noragric study by Hans Adam, Darley Kjosavik & Nadarajah Shanmugaratnam.

Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights (ca. 1490).

Mentalities of greening, governing, and getting rich

Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary ‘Before the Flood’ is fascinating not because of what it ‘says’ – and it doesn’t, in the last analysis, say much at all about environmental change that we don’t already know – but because of exactly what it leaves unsaid. Connor Cavangh in the Noragric Blog. 

Rice farming in East Africa

Tanzanian government should invest in irrigation infrastructure development

Paddy yields are higher in semi-improved irrigation schemes compared to traditional irrigation schemes in Tanzania, report Pål Vedeld and colleagues at SUA in a new paper in the Journal of Agricultural Studies. 

Dairy farm in  Matiguás, Nicaragua

Policy options for dairy value chain development in Nicaragua

Noragric PhD alumna Helene Lie in the journal 'Agricultural Systems'


Chinese state capitalism in the contemporary food regime

Noragric postdoc Paul Belesky & University of Queensland's Geoffrey Lawrence in the Journal of Peasant Studies

Spice farm, Zanzibar

REDD+ and socially embedded forest practices in Zanzibar

Noragric's Grete Benjaminsen and Randi Kaarhus argue that a REDD+ initiative in Zanzibar undermines local norms including those that serve to protect forests. Article in 'Geoforum'. 

Looking up through the trees

Green Faith?

Katharina Glaab & Doris Fuchs on the role of faith-based actors in global sustainable development. 

New Mechanisms of Participation in Extractive Governance

New book on the effects of the worldwide expansion of the extractive industries.

How does this rapid expansion affect sensitive natural environments populated by indigenous and other marginalized populations? What are the mechanisms for participating in extractive governance? Co-editor/author Esben Leifsen and co-author John-Andrew McNeish.

UN Map of the Kondoa District, Tanzania

REDD og norsk klimakolonialisme i Tanzania

Den norske REDD-satsingen i Tanzania er en form for klimakolonialisme hvor kostnadene skyves over på folk lokalt, mener Tor Arve Benjaminsen & Hanne Svarstad. Artikkel i Internasjonal Politikk. 

Earth in our hands

Environmental Governance – From Public to Private?

Arild Vatn examines the role of private actors in environmental governance, and finds the conflict between public goods delivery and private profit motive makes public control difficult. Article in 'Ecological Economics'.

The Role of Religion in Struggles for Global Justice - Faith in justice?

The Role of Religion in Struggles for Global Justice

New book examining the roles religious communities and organizations play in struggles for global justice. Co-edited and co-authored by Noragric's Katharina Glaab. 

Via Campesina is a transnational peasant movement for food sovereignty.

Power and Strategies of Resistance

Read about human resistance to power in the latest entry in the Noragric Blog by Shai Divon.

Depths of forest, DRC

What causes deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

As DRC implements the UN programme on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries (REDD+), Raymond Samndong, Arild Vatn and colleagues assess the causes of deforestation in two of the programme's pilots in the Équateur province. 

Mountain lake

'OpenNESS': The value of nature

Recent EU project, 'OpenNESS' aimed to incorporate the human benefits of natural environments into the management of land, water and urban resources. A special issue of the journal 'Ecosystem Services', including 8 articles co-authored by Noragric's Erik Gómez-Baggethun, summarizes the project's main findings. 

Global Forest Governance and Climate Change

The Illusion of Participation: Tokenism in REDD+ Pilot Projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Noragric PhD alumnus Raymond Achu Samndong interrogates local people on REDD+ in the Democratic Republic of Congo and concludes that the projects amount to ‘tokenism’, with local people having no say in the projects in their communities and with women often excluded. Chapter in new Springer Nature book.

Manica province, Mozambique.

What happened to the Beira Agricultural Growth Corridor in Mozambique?

New public-private partnerships may bring up unresolved questions of accountability and, in the Mozambican context, exacerbate existing power imbalances, says Randi Kaarhus in the 'Journal of Modern African Studies'.

Refugee camp

Security on the move

After decades of violent conflict, large numbers of Somalis have been displaced and the subsequent migration has contributed to the growth of cities across the country. This NMBU project, led by Durham University in the UK, will investigate links between urbanization and displacement in Somalia. Read more in the project’s first report.

Mount Elgon forest, Uganda

Carbon forestry in Uganda

Noragric postdoc Connor Cavanagh and colleagues link notions of justice with project outcomes in carbon offset forestry projects: Insights from a comparative study in Uganda.

Bac Kan Province, Vietnam

Cultivating forests: The role of forest land in household livelihood adaptive strategies in northern Vietnam

Article in 'Land Use Policy' by Noragric PhD alumnus Leif Tore Trædal & Professor Pål Vedeld

Water Justice

Water Justice

Megacities, mining, forestry, industry and agribusiness claim an increasingly large share of available surface and groundwater reserves. This new, Noragric co-authored book discusses both the major injustices and the 'hidden' inequalities in water resource management. 

Pinus pinea forest — Doñana National Park, Andalusia, Spain

Participatory multi-criteria decision aid: Operationalizing an integrated assessment of ecosystem services

Article in 'Ecosystem Services' co-authored by Erik Gómez-Baggethun.

Panoramic view of Chuquicamata, a state-owned copper mine located in Calama, north of Chile.

Resource Extraction and Conflict in Latin America

A collection of articles that reveal the complex nature of violence experienced by local communities and societies across Latin America related to resource extraction, and the direct destruction of the natural environments on which these people rely. Special Edition of Colombia Internacional edited and introduced by John-Andrew McNeish. 

Humanitarian policy and practice in a changing climate – Guiding principles for practitioners.

Humanitarian Policy and Practice in a Changing Climate

The latest in the Noragric Report Series provides guiding principles for integrating climate change adaptation concerns into humanitarian policy and practice. By Sigrid Nagoda, Marianne Mosberg & Siri Eriksen. 

Plant samples in the genebank at CIAT's Genetic Resources Unit

Access to genes for food security

Genetic diversity of crops is a foundation of food security, and genebanks have an important role in conserving this biodoversity. Noragric look at the links between genebanks and farmers’ seed systems for long-term biodiversity conservation.


Food security indicators: How to measure and communicate results

Views differ on how to understand the food security situation in the world, and how to communicate food security-related research results: should the good news narrative be put forward or the bad news narrative

Social-Environmental Conflicts, Extractivism and Human Rights in Latin America

McNeish: Extracting justice? Colombia’s commitment to mining and energy as a foundation for peace

Chapter in 'Social-Environmental Conflicts, Extractivism and Human Rights in Latin America'.

Reference Module in Food Science

Intellectual property rights (IPRs) in food biotechnology

What are the implications of IPRs and the related power structure for farmers' rights and food security? This is one of the issues discussed by NMBU's Ola Westengen and co-author Hans M. Haugen in the recently published book 'Reference Module in Food Science'. 

Orthographic map of Africa

Hansen: Unity Under Allah? Cohesion Mechanisms in Jihadist Organizations in Africa

Article in 'Armed Forces & Society' by Stig Jarle Hansen.

Parque Nacional Los Nevados

What environmental values do people attribute to the ecosystems of the Colombian Andes?

Article in 'Ecology and Society' by Paola Arias-Arévalo, Berta Martín-López and Erik Gómez-Baggethun 

Management regimes for REDD+. Noragric report No. 82

Management regimes for REDD+: An analysis of the regime in the RDS Rio Negro REDD+ pilot

Find out what the drivers of deforestation are in the Brazilian Amazon, and how forests are managed in a REDD+ pilot study in the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve in Amazonas. Latest publication in the Noragric Report Series. 

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