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Paul Beaumont

Brexit, Retrotopia and the perils of post-colonial delusions

Brexit can be understood as a radical attempt to arrest Britain’s decline by setting sail for a future based on a nostalgic vision of the past, says Noragric PhD Fellow Paul Beaumont in 'Global Affairs'. Read more.

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Utopia, Food Sovereignty, and Ethical Fashion

Katharina Glaab & Lena Partzsch on the narrative power of anti-GMO campaigns. Article in 'New Political Science'.

Tanzania map with Dodoma

All that glitters is not gold

New Noragric study looks at how REDD+ is implemented in terms of decision-making and local participation in a district of Tanzania. Mary Nantongo, Arild Vatn & Pål Vedeld in 'Forest Policy and Economics'.

Erik Gómez-Baggethun

What can conservation strategies learn from ecosystem services?

Biodiversity conservation strategies that overlook the interests of local people are prone to create conflicts. A new study with Noragric's Erik Gómez-Baggethun assesses the extent to which ecosystem services have been implemented in conservation strategies in two outstanding protected areas in Spain. 


Publications archive

To ecologize economics or economize ecology?

Controversies and challenges around ecosystem services valuation. Article in the National University of Colombia journal 'Gestión y Ambiente' (Management and Environment) by Erik Gómez-Baggethun.

Borana Oromo women in Shambani, Kenya.

Continuity and change in social networks among Borana women

An exploration of reciprocity networks and women's groups among Waso Borana women in northern Kenya by Zeinabu Kabale Khalif and Gufu Oba.

Depths of forest, DRC

Implications for REDD+ in the Democratic Republic of Congo

REDD+ is not well adapted to the institutional structures of forest governance in the DRC, says new study by Raymond Achu Samndong and Arild Vatn. 

The 30 most frequently used words in the responses from managers and researchers in a survey of priorities in protected area research.

Priorities for protected area research

Study in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) journal PARKS with Noragric professor Pål Vedeld. 

Borana women farmers and their children

Social networking and food security in a pastoralist society in southern Ethiopia

Pastoralist societies including the Borana people in Ethiopia are known for their strong social networks that have both social and livelihood-related purposes. A new Noragric study by Abiyot Anbacha and Darley Kjosavik explores these social networks in the context of food security. 

Political ecology

Power in political ecology

Special section of the Journal of Political Ecology co-edited by Tor Arve Benjaminsen, with articles by Benjaminsen, Connor Cavanagh & Andrea Nightingale

Biosphere Reserve of Chamela-Cuixmala, in the vicinity of the study site for this paper.

Unraveling heterogeneity in the importance of ecosystem services: Individual views of smallholders

Article in 'Ecology and Society' co-authored by Erik Gómez-Baggethun. 

Reconnecting Natural and Cultural Capital

Advancing knowledge on natural and cultural capital

Chapter in the EU publication 'Reconnecting natural and cultural capital' co-written by Noragric professor Erik Gómez-Baggethun

Conservation and Development in Uganda

Conservation and Development in Uganda

Uganda has extensive protected areas and iconic wildlife including mountain gorillas. This new book assesses the country's recent role in complex conservation challenges. Co-edited by Noragric postdoc Connor Cavanagh and PhD alumnus David Mwesigye Tumusiime.  

Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

Encyclopedia of Ecology

New edition with a chapter on political ecology by Tor Arve Benjaminsen and Hanne Svarstad


Estimating Transaction Costs of REDD+

Are the costs of the climate change mitigation programme REDD+ underestimated and if so, what are the implications? New study by Mary Nantongo & Arild Vatn in 'Ecological Economics'.

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