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Plant samples in the genebank at CIAT's Genetic Resources Unit

Access to genes for food security

Genetic diversity of crops is a foundation of food security, and genebanks have an important role in conserving this biodoversity. Noragric look at the links between genebanks and farmers’ seed systems for long-term biodiversity conservation.


Food security indicators: How to measure and communicate results

Views differ on how to understand the food security situation in the world, and how to communicate food security-related research results: should the good news narrative be put forward or the bad news narrative

Social-Environmental Conflicts, Extractivism and Human Rights in Latin America

McNeish: Extracting justice? Colombia’s commitment to mining and energy as a foundation for peace

Chapter in 'Social-Environmental Conflicts, Extractivism and Human Rights in Latin America'.

Reference Module in Food Science

Intellectual property rights (IPRs) in food biotechnology

What are the implications of IPRs and the related power structure for farmers' rights and food security? This is one of the issues discussed by NMBU's Ola Westengen and co-author Hans M. Haugen in the recently published book 'Reference Module in Food Science'. 

Parque Nacional Los Nevados

What environmental values do people attribute to the ecosystems of the Colombian Andes?

Article in 'Ecology and Society' by Paola Arias-Arévalo, Berta Martín-López and Erik Gómez-Baggethun 

Orthographic map of Africa

Hansen: Unity Under Allah? Cohesion Mechanisms in Jihadist Organizations in Africa

Article in 'Armed Forces & Society' by Stig Jarle Hansen.

Management regimes for REDD+. Noragric report No. 82

Management regimes for REDD+: An analysis of the regime in the RDS Rio Negro REDD+ pilot

Find out what the drivers of deforestation are in the Brazilian Amazon, and how forests are managed in a REDD+ pilot study in the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve in Amazonas. Latest publication in the Noragric Report Series. 


Johnsen: Conflict on what Sámi reindeer husbandry is and ought to be

Norway's governance of reindeer husbandry is based on Western understanding of the world and is in conflict with Sámi reindeer herders' worldview - these competing views compromise the rights of the pastoralists, say Kathrine Johnsen et al. in recent study. 

PETAR Iporanga

Thorkildsen & Kaarhus: The contested nature of Afro-descendant quilombo land claims in Brazil

How has Brazil's recognition of its quilombola communities as legal rights-holders to land been translated into practice? Kjersti Thorkildsen and Randi Kaarhus in the Journal of Peasant Studies.

Fuel wood in DRC.

Samndong & Kjosavik: Gendered forests - exploring gender dimensions in forest governance and REDD+ in Democratic Republic of Congo

Raymond Achu Samndong & Darley Kjosavik analyse gender relations in the context of efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in Democratic Republic of Congo. Article in 'Ecology and Society'. 

Cheese made from raw sheep milk

Vegara: Aromatic components as quality parameters of indigenous Livno and Travnik cheeses

What makes good cheese? Mensur Vegara & colleagues analyse the aromatic compounds of two local cheese types in Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

Political Geography

Benjaminsen: Political geography in the impasse

What is the role of the journal 'Political Geography', and political geography in general, in today's geopolitical climate? Editorial in 'Political Geography' by Tor Arve Benjaminsen et al

Shaded relief map of Ethiopia

Tiki & Oba: Righting the Wrongs - Contesting Water Property Rights in Southern Ethiopia

Article in 'Human Ecology' by Waktole Tiki and Gufu Oba

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