Studying at noragric experiences from caitlin murphy from the usa

The Royal Norwegian Embassy has interviewed her about her studies and experiences in Norway.

Caitlin Murphy from Pennsylvania, USA
Caitlin Murphy from Pennsylvania, USA Photo: Caitlin Murphy
To the question "Why did you choose to study in Norway?" she replied:
The university offered interesting classes in English and my university just happened to have an exchange agreement, and for that I am very fortunate.

At Noragric she takes a course in Ecology and Society which presents students with knowledge of the fundamentals of ecology and their application by human societies. The course by blending biological ecology, with social science and environmental history approaches, provides a better understanding of the relationships between ecology, environment and social changes.

Tree and man.
Tree and man. Photo: Robert Hodosi

The other course she has chosen is Conflict and Development. In this course students will acquire an interdisciplinary understanding of international conflict and development problems and an understanding of the links between natural, technical, and social dynamics of conflicts and development.

All courses that are given at Noragric are in English and most of them are open for exchange students in addition to students that admitted to the study programmes at Noragric.

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