Staff in the Media

Camilla Houeland was invited to Aktuelt – TV NRK2 Monday 12th May where she discussed the situation in Nigeria with particular focus on the issue of the kidnapping of the school Grils, with Ole Torp, Kyrre Lind from Doctors without borders and NRK Africa expert Tomm Kristiansen.

Staff in the media 2

Camilla Houeland
Camilla Houeland Photo: Aktuelt TV

She was also invited to NRK P2 to paint a more general picture of Nigeria at Ekko, 14th May. 

Camilla’s PhD studies focus on the Nigerian Trade Unions and the political economy of oil and she recently returned from a month in Nigeria.

To watch/listen:
Samtale om bortføring av nigerianske skolejenter – Aktuelt TV NRK2 with Camilla Houeland
Nigeria – full av kontraster – Ekko NRK Radio P2 With Camilla  Houeland

Published 3. June 2014 - 13:18 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:29