Noragric student jonathan lindholt selected to meet hh the dalai lama

Jonathan has been given the distinct honor of reading his essay out loud and participating in a conversation with the Dalai Lama and other contest winners, at Chateau Neuf, UiO, Thurs. May 8 at 13:30.

Jonathans essay has the title: Before the last tree has fallen.

During his visit to Norway in May, His Holiness the 14th The Dalai Lama has chosen to focus on a dialogue with students. Under the topic «Taking Responsibility for Tomorrow’s World» he wants to challenge the Norwegian students on taking action, and discuss what prevents this on both a personal level and in the community.

Free tickets are available Tuesday May 6 from 17:00 at Chateau Neuf. 

More information about the event

Published 3. June 2014 - 13:18 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:29