Ipccs sub report ii was launched march 31

Noragrics Siri Eriksen er en av hovedforfatterne av kapittelet om fattigdom og levekr i FNs klimarapport del 2.
Noragrics Siri Eriksen er en av hovedforfatterne av kapittelet om fattigdom og levekr i FNs klimarapport del 2. Photo: Evy Jrgensen
On the launch, Dr. Eriksen presented the main findings of the report together with the other Norway-based main authors of sub report. The launch took place from 8:00 to 10:00 and is streamed live online here .

Siri is the lead author on Chapter 13, "Poverty and Livelihood”, about how climate change and possible mitigation of climate change affects poverty and livelihoods. Dr. Andrei Marin, researcher at Noragric, is also a contributing author on the same chapter, with pastoralism as a specialty. Professor Asuncion Lera St. Clair, research director at Cicero and Noragric board member, has been lead author for sub report 2, contributing author on chapter 13 as well as member of the editorial board for the Assessment Report 5.

This is the first time that a separate chapter is written in the UN's climate report on poverty and living conditions in connection with adaptation to climate change .

Andrei Marin
Andrei Marin Photo: Josie Teurlings
Climate change an environmental issues
 - Climate has profound consequences and can not be separated from society and people's livelihoods. Climate change is more than an environmental issue, it is part of the fundamental development issue both in rich and poor countries, reminded Eriksen us.

Dr Ståle Navrud from the NMBU School of Econommics and Business has also contributed to the sub report as a review editor, while Professor Arild Angelsen, from the same department, has contributed to sub report III which will be launched 13 April.

Livelihoods strategies and changing poverty patterns
On Monday, Eriksen talked about how both climate change and the measures taken in the face of them may have different effects on different groups, including strengthening or undermining their livelihoods strategies.

An important issue in this context is whether climate change reinforces poverty.

The chapter Siri and Andrei contributed to relates also to the poverty pattern that is changing and in particular that there are large groups of poor peolpe in non-poor countries.

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