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Tor Arve Benjaminsen in Dagens Næringsliv.
Over the past few years, Professor Tor A. Benjaminsen has publicly raised concerns about projects managed by the Norwegian forest company Green Resources (GR) in East Africa. The CEO of the company has now responded by claiming that Benjaminsen is against 'development' and would like Africans to live in straw huts. Meanwhile, Norfund — one of GR's financiers -- also sent a complaint to NMBU's ethics board about Benjaminsen's critique of GR in the media. In this article in Dagens Næringsliv, Benjaminsen responds by highlighting the need for an open and critical debate of Norway’s investments abroad -- one that focuses on facts even when they are politically inconvenient (6 Feb 2014).
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Stig Jarle in E24 Energi 12 Jan 2014
Stig Jarle in E24 Energi 12 Jan 2014 Photo: Internet/H F Asbjrnsen

Stig Jarle Hansen in the media as Jemen expert. Stig Jarle Hansen critisising Norwegian investors for not having acquired local knowledge in order to avoid violence in the oil fields.
Oil plant in southeast Yemen in Hadramawt province where two soldiers were killed and one injured in revenge attack, belongs to Norwegian DNO International.

"Areas like Hadramawt require much local knowledge to assess and tackle ongoing threats. The Norwegian investors should have been able to avoid this incident, says Associate Professor at the University of Life Sciences, Stig Jarle Hansen".
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