Debating norwegian forest investments in africa

The CEO of the company has answered by claiming that Benjaminsen is against 'development' and would like Africans to live in straw huts. Norfund — a public institution set up under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and one of GR's financiers – has also sent a complaint to NMBU's ethics board about Benjaminsen's critique of GR in the media.

In addition, Norfund has responded to the critique in a rather aggressive manner attacking Benjaminsen instead of responding to the ethical issues raised. This collection of articles in the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv sums up the debate and testifies to the rather poor conditions for critical debate about Norwegian foreign investments. Such a debate should focus on facts and ethical challenges even when they are politically inconvenient.

Skogselskap har fått nok av professor
(DN 31 January 2014)

Om skog, ståhytter og kritisk debat
(DN 06.02.2014

Må dokumentere påstander (DN 17 February 2014)

Skog Etik og Utvikling (DN 19.02.2014)

Nordfunds Etiske utfordringer (DN 21.02.2014)

Akademisk uredelighet (DN February 28 2014)

Norfunds debattteknikk (DN March 1 2014)

Uakseptable karakteristikker
(DN March 5 2014)

-- Noragric staff in the media

Published 3. June 2014 - 13:18 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:31