Darley Kjosavik and University of Juba, South Sudan (main partner).
Project title: Institutional cooperation for capacity building of universities and local authorities for democaratic and economic governance and peace building in South Sudan and Ethiopia


Field activities of students
Field activities of students Photo: Tribhuvan University

Trygve Berg and University of Juba, South Sudan (main partner).
Project title: Ecology and management of the Sudd Wetland, South Sudan


Thor S. Larsen and Copperbelt University, Zambia (main partner).
Project title: Improving the governance and economics of protected areas, ecosystem services and poverty eradication through HEI capacity-building and transdisciplinary research

Stig Jarle Hansen and University of Tribhuvan, Nepal (main partner).
Project title: Strengthening research, education and advocacy in conflict, peace and development studies in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan

Bishal Sitaula
and Kathmandu University, Nepal (main partner).
Project title: Sustainable natural resource management for climate change adaptation in the Himalayan region: A collaborative project among Norway, Nepal, Pakistan and Bhutan

Jens Aune and Hawassa University, Ethiopia (main partner).
Project title: Research and capacity building in climate smart agriculture in the Horn of Africa. 

Ian Bryceson and University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (main partner).
Project title: Vulnerability, resilience, rights and responsibilities: Capacity building on climate change in relation to coastal resources, gender and governance in coastal Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Paul Vedeld and Makerere University, Uganda (main partner). Main Norwegian partner: NTNU. This project falls under the NORHED Energy and Petroleum programme (administered by NTNU).
Project title: Capacity building to promote sustainable governance of petroleum resources, biodiversity and livelihoods in East African communities.

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