This project (2011-2016) is financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It's overall objective is to improve food security by making agriculture and livestock production in northern and central Mali more resistant to climate change. 

The project has four different components:

  • developing agricultural systems in the central region (Mopti, Segou and Koulikoro) adapted to climate change
  • development of the dromedary production system in Kidal
  • development of the flood recession farming system in Lake Faguigome and surrounding areas
  • development of methods for stabilizing sand dunes in areas adjacent to the irrigation canals of Lake Faguibine.

The project will also establish a monitoring system to assess the progress of the research components. It will also support the establishment of research centers of the project's main partner, Institut d'Economie Rurale (IER), in Kidal and in the Lake Faguibine area. 

The focus of the project will be on applied research combining on-station and on-farm research. A partnership with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), particularly members of the Drylands Coordination Group, will be established from the beginning of the project. 

Outcome of the project includes information material on improved farming methods and publication of results in international journals. PhD students will be recruited to work in each of the project components.

The contact person for the project at Noragric is Jens B. Aune



Published 19. December 2011 - 13:00 - Updated 20. November 2020 - 9:19