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The now ended (Dec. 2015) 5-year CCIAM programme focused on promoting natural forest conservation, afforestation, reforestation and better agricultural practices for improved livelihoods related to the “Reduced Emissions from Deforestations and Forest Degradation (REDD)” initiative. The programme is now in its final (no-cost extension) year.

Partners under CCIAM
CCIAM's main coordinator in Tanzania was Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), with the University of Dar es Salaam, Ardhi University and the Tanzania Meteorological Agency as partners.  The Norwegian University of Life Sciences through its Department of International Environment and Development Studies (Noragric) was the main partner from the Norwegian side. The programme was funded through the Norwegian embassy in Tanzania. The CCIAM contact person at NMBU/Noragric is Prof. Ruth Haug.

The list of 15 projects and 11 supporting Strategic Intervention projects can be accessed here. The final CCIAM conference was held at SUA in June 2015.

Project activities
Project output in the form of factsheets, policy briefs, videos and stories on project activities have been produced by researchers and communication support staff linked to the projects. The outputs were distributed strategically and are published on the websites at SUA and Noragric/NMBU.

An overview of what has been produced by the projects is found here.

Mid-term Review of CCIAM
The CCIAM programme was reviewed in mid-2012 by a team from Deloitte AS. The mid-term review’s scope focused on evaluating progress, effectiveness and, to the extent possible, impact. Deloitte AS assessed the extent to which the programme is meeting its milestone targets and is on a trajectory that will lead to achieving its stated goal, purpose, and objectives.  The report was submitted in August 2012.

Background documents and information related to the CCIAM programme:

Calendar of events for CCIAM (and EPINAV) in 2014
Report of the Mid-Term Review of CCIAM (August 2012)
Seminar on CCIAM projects organised at Noragric (2 March 2012)
15th Programme Management Team meeting (8 February 2012)
Details of evaluation of individual concept notes (February 2012)
Second call for concept notes (November 2011)
Announcement and Call for Concept Notes (March 2010)
Guidelines and Selection Criteria CCIAM
Programme Status (31 December 2009)
Final Programme Document CCIAM
Strategic Intervention Proposal Guidelines
Training Guidelines
Short Course Guidelines
UMB's role as anchoring institution

Narrative summary (abstracts) of the 15 projects

Presentation: Collaboration with Norwegian partners
Presentation: CCIAM Programme

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