Noragric Research Committee


Tor Arve Benjaminsen (Chair)

Andrei Marin (Cluster Leader for ENGOV)
Ola Westengen (Cluster Leader for CC-AD)
Katharina Glaab (Cluster Leader for CHSD)
Esben Leifsen (Cluster Leader for RAPID)

Moses Majid Limuwa / Eva Davidsdottir (Representative for PhD Fellows)
Ognjen Zurovec / Erika Rojas (Representative for PhD Fellows)

Ole Fagerheim (Student Representative)
Tiril Johnsen Dølo (Student Representative)

Ingunn Andersen (Observer)

Josie Teurlings (Secretary)

Substitute members

Darley Kjosavik (Substitute Cluster Leader for ENGOV)
Bishal Sitaula (Substitute Cluster Leader for CC-AD)
Morten Jerven (Substitute Cluster Leader for CHSD)
Bill Derman (Substitute Cluster Leader for RAPID)

Teshome Hunduma (Substitute Representative for PhD Fellows)

Dan Oluoch (Substitute Student Representative)
Alejandro Herrera Cano (Substitute Student Representative)

Published 21. May 2015 - 14:20 - Updated 1. December 2016 - 11:46

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