About Noragric

Noragric is one of five departments in the Faculty of Landscape and Society. Since its establishment in 1986 as a centre at the former Norwegian Agricultural University, Noragric has played an important role in developing institutional collaboration agreements with the university's many partners in Africa, Asia and South East Europe. These collaborations not only offer NMBU students the opportunity to take part of their studies abroad, but also for NMBU to welcome students and researchers to Ås.

Noragric staff and students engage in interdisciplinary studies on a wide range of issues concerning poverty, livelihoods, gender, property rights, environmental management, conflict, peace building and post-conflict development in sub-Saharan Africa, South- and Southeast Asia and South America.


Noragric is situated on the NMBU campus at Ås, 35 km south of Norway's capital, Oslo. The university park covers some 150 acres and is used for educational and research purposes, as well as for recreation. More information.




Published 4. September 2008 - 13:00 - Updated 22. May 2019 - 9:27